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No cold open. Straight into intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuiness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK from Hull England. They hype the evening's main event: Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) battling Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) for the United Kingdom tag team championship.

Isla Dawn makes her way to the ring for our opening contest. Her opponent...women's champion Kay Lee Ray.

Isla Dawn versus Kay Lee Ray

Tie-up. Ray grabs a wristlock but Dawn immediately reverses the pressure. Ray connects with a big right hand to break the hold. She boots Dawn in the back of the head. Dawn fires back with a flying crossbody. After avoiding a dropkick she ties up Ray in a pin...two count. Ray locks up Dawn for the Gory bomb but Dawn counters into a sunset bomb for a nearfall. Dawn charges Ray and goes for a knee in the corner...Ray moves and Dawn strike the turnbuckles. Ray lands a few stomps, then targets the leg. Big chop and gordbuster in succession. She ties Dawn up in the corner...Dawn battles back and hits a back suplex. Running knee connects this time from Dawn. She climbs to the top...meteora. Cover...very close two count. Ray rocks Dawn with a series of superkicks. Gory bomb attempt...she got it. Match over.

Kay Lee Ray wins by pinfall

Afterwards Ray gets on the microphone and tells the audience in Hull that she's once again proven why she is the most dominant competitor in NXT UK. She says she's still in the mind of Toni Storm, and that Piper Niven is thrown off her game. This brings out Niven and Storm who charge the ring to attack Ray. Ray pushes Storm into Niven and the two get into an argument. Ray laughs at the top of the entrance. Assistant Sid Scala comes out and announces that Kay Lee Ray will defend her championship against Toni Storm and Piper Niven at NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II.

Cut to Jordan Devlin who is presenting another highlight package of the best of the U.K. roster. He plays a clip of Moustache Mountain losing the inaugural tag team title matchup to Grizzled Young Veterans, claiming that Bate couldn't get the job done, and was also the shortest reigning NXT UK champion of all-time. He plays another clip of WALTER absolutely decimating Bate, then losing to the Imperium leader at Takeover Cardiff. "See that's what happens when you put your faith in Tyler Bate. Make no mistake about it...there's only one Ace."

Commercial for TLC.

Gallus leader Joe Coffey is asked what it would mean to him to become NXT UK champion. He calls winning the title the biggest score in the brand's history. He recalls WALTER's debut at Takeover Blackpool after his loss to Pete Dunne, and says he'll never forget when WALTER booted him across the face. "I'm going to take that championship. This is our Kingdom."

Michael May is out for our next bout. He'll be facing...Trent Seven. Huge pop for Seven. Eddie Denis comes out of nowhere and attacks May at ringside. He whips May into the barricade and rolls him into Seven as a gift. Seven attends to May as Denis leaves through the crowd. Seven has the referee help May get to the back. Commentary wonder of Seven will look to return the favor down the line.

Backstage Noam Dar is interviewed. Dar brings the camera crew to general manager Johnny Saint's office. Dar tells Saint and Scala that until his matchup for Takeover Blackpool II are announced ,he's going to take a well-deserved break. Scala says that unfortunately, his contract doesn't allow for that. They reveal that Dar will be facing Tyler Bate on next week's NXT UK. Dar walks away frustrated.

Back to the arena...Jack Starz is out for a matchup with Ridge Holland.

Jack Starz versus Ridge Holland

Holland shows off his power by rag-dolling Starz across the ring. He batters Starz with a running knee, then deadlifts him for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Starz tries to throw strikes but Holland drops him with an uppercut. Another suplex. Hard Irish-whip. Starz moves out of the way and Holland collides in the corner. Running uppercut from Starz. He unloads a flurry. Holland shakes it off and runs through Starz. Emeral Flowsion. It's over.

Ridge Holland wins by pinfall

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Match graphic for Tyler Bate and Noam Dar is revealed.

Main event time. Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) is out first. The champions (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) are out second. Here we go.

Gallus versus Imperium for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship

Wolfgang and Aicher start. They brawl. Wolfgang pushes him into his team's corner and tags in Coffey. Aichner gets bounced off the ropes...he slows the action down by applying a headlock to Coffey and bringing him to the mat. Barthel blindly tags in and takes Coffey down with an arm-drag. He keeps pressure on the arm while pushing his boot into Coffey's face. Aichner goes after the same arm after coming back in. Coffey breaks free and hits a shoulder block. Wolfgang comes in and rings Aichner's arm. Flying forearm by Wolfgang. Tandem offense from Gallus. Barthel runs in...Gallus goes for their finisher but Barthel rakes Coffey's eyes while the referee was removing Wolfgang from the ring. Imperium isolates Coffey and connects with the double-dropkick. Imperium is now in control.

Barthel stomps Coffey down in the corner. For a moment the medical physician at ringside attends to Coffey because he looks loopy but the tag champion slaps Barthel in the face to show he can still go. Barthel makes him pay with a stiff forearm. Aichner nails him with short-armed lariats. Coffey manages to knock Barthel off the apron, then back body drops Aichner to the outside. Hot tag made to Wolfgang. He runs through Barthel with ease. Corner splash, followed by a running axe handle to Aichner. Gorilla press slam onto Aichner by Wolfgang. Reverse suplex for two. Catapult into the samoan drop. Cover...Aichner kicks out. Imperium respond with a spinebuster/PK combo. Somehow Wolfgang escapes the pin. Coffey gets dumped...another double-team maneuver from Imperium. Coffey and Barthel trade back and forth strikes...Barthel lands a haymaker. Wolfgang hits a spear. All four men are down. Loud NXT chants from the crowd.

Grizzled Young Veterans run down to the ring and steal the NXT UK titles. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews run down to stop them. This leads to an all-out brawl between all four teams in the ring. Referee calls for the bell.

Match ends in a no-contest

Andrews takes out the Grizzled Young Veterans on one side of the ring while Wolfgang takes out the lot with a tope con hilo. Johnny Saint and Sid Scala come out to end the chaos. Scala says that these titles will not be disrespected. Scala announces that the next time the NXT universe sees these belts...they'll be suspended over the ring in a ladder match. "Takeover Blackpool...a four-way ladder match." Crowd goes nuts for the announcement. All the teams begins arguing.

That's the show friends.