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No cold open. Straight into the intro song. (Dusted by Astroid Boys)

Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT UK live from Hull, England. They reminds us that Takeover Blackpool II is only three weeks away.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan make their way to the ring for our opening tag contest. They’ll be facing Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley, who are called Pretty Deadly.

Kenny Williams/Amir Jordan versus Pretty Deadly

Williams and Stoker begin. Tie-up. Williams brings Stoker down with a wristlock and drops a knee on the arm. Stoker back up…Williams rings the arm and catches him in a sunset flip pin…only two. Jordan tags in. Snapmare/dropkick combo. Howley in now. He walks into a hip toss from Jordan. Flying crossbody for a nearfall. Williams tags back in and hits an elbow from the top rope. Howley goes to ringside…catapult dropkick by Williams connects. Jordan follows up with a suicide dive. Back in the ring…Jordan lands a splash for two. He climbs…Stoker rips Jordan down by his shoulder while the referee’s back is turned. Pretty Deadly begin targeting the already injured body part. Jordan attempts to break free and tag in Williams but Pretty Deadly does a good job of keeping him isolated.

Jordan is able to dump both Howley and Stoker to the outside. He makes the hot tag to Williams who runs rampant. Jumping pump kick…suicide dive takes out Pretty Deadly. In the ring he connects with sling blade but Stoker breaks up the pin. Jordan tries to help…he gets sent to the outside. Elevated gutbuster from Pretty Deadly nearly wins the match. Williams shakes it off and hits a springboard double back elbow. Jordan comes off the top with a Swanton. It’s over.

Kenny Williams/Amir Jordan win by pinfall

Footage of Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner after their main event tag from last week. They’re asked how they feel about the ladder match scheduled for Takeover Blackpool II for the NXT UK tag team titles. Barthel says that the mat is sacred and everything about that type of bout breaks the spirit of wrestling. They still plan on walking out of Takeover as the new champs.

Advertisement for TLC featuring Daniel Bryan’s return.

Commentary shines a light on Starlord, who is providing the theme song for Takeover Blackpool II.

Ligero cuts a promo on his history with Kassius Ohno. He says he’s never had anything but respect for the wrestling genius, but recalls Ohno’s cheap victory over him back in New York. He tells him that they will fight each other in two weeks.

Back to the arena…Trent Seven makes his way out. He’s dressed in a suit and addresses the crowd. He says he’s been in this business for a long time, and has a pretty good grasp on the way things work. “It’s apparent Eddie Denis wants my attention.” He recaps his past friendship with Denis, but says that he has changed for the worse. He questions why Denis attacked someone making their NXT UK debut, and calls him out so they can talk.

Denis is here. Seven begins: “What are you doing Eddie? You’re the guy who quit his job as a teacher to become a WWE superstar and you did it.” Seven says he understands that Denis is upset at being injured for 8 months. He says that he’s been in NXT UK since the beginning. “Look at what we’ve done. Look at what we’ve built.” Denis steps through the ropes and boots Seven in the face. Loud boos from the crowd. Denis picks up the mic. “I’ll see you at Takeover Blackpool.” Mic drop. Referees attend to Seven ending the segment.

Video package hyping the Takeover Blackpool triple-threat match for the NXT UK women’s championship featuring Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm, and Piper Niven.

A best of NXT UK 2019 is announced for next week.

Amale is out next for women’s division action. This is her debut. Her opponent…Jinny, accompanied as always by Jazzy Gabert.

Amale versus Jinny

Jinny nails Amale with knees to the gut to open things. She mounts Amale and unloads right hands. Gabert smiles from the outside. Amale takes control and smashes Jinny’s face off the top turnbuckle. Jinny responds and locks Amale in a rowing-boat submission. Amale screams in pain but manages to grab the ropes to break the hold. Jinny screams at the referee. She charges Amale in the corner…Amale moves…shotgun dropkick sends Jinny into the corner. Drive by kick by Amale. Jinny slides to the apron and punts Amale in the face. Springboard senton with pin…Amale kicks out. Jinny sets Amale up in the ropes…facebuster. Amale can’t kick out this time.

Jinny wins by pinfall

Post match Gabert steps in the ring and continues assaulting Amale at the request of Jinny. She hits two short-armed lariats. Jinny demands she give Amale one more…Gabert doesn’t understand why, and instead disobeys and leaves. Jinny is furious. Commentary says Gabert did the right thing.

Commercial for WWE shop.

Backstage the NXT UK champion WALTER is interviewed. He says that in two weeks…Alexander Wolfe will destroy Ilja Dragunov in a no-disqualification matchup, and give Imperium the psychological advantage ahead of Takeover Blackpool.

Main event time. Tyler Bate is out first, followed by Noam Dar. Here we go.

Tyler Bate versus Noam Dar

Tie-up. Bate forces Dar into the corner. He lets him out and poses by twirling his mustache. Second tie-up…Dar brings Bate down with a waistlock. Nice sequence of chain-wrestling. Both men fighting for wrist control. Bate uses his British-wrestling prowess to break free from a hammerlock. Dar grabs the waist again. Bate switches behind. Dar off the ropes…another fun sequence of counters…Bate goes for the Tyler Driver but Dar has it scouted…Bate goes for his signature headspring lariat…Dar hits the mat to avoid the strike. Stare-off. Crowd chanting loudly for Bate. Both men reset. After an Irish-whip…Bate lands his headstand spot…dropkick sends Dar to ringside. Bate in quick pursuit. He brings Dar into the ring and boots him in the head. Bate goes for the headstand spot again but this time Dar makes him pay with a dropkick.

Now in control…Dar stomps Bate’s leg, then targets the arms. He rakes at Bate’s eyes as he pulls back on an arm-lock. Dar snapmares Bate into the ropes. Ground and pound. Bate fires back with some up-kicks…Dar picks him up and back suplexes him. Cover…Bate gets a shoulder up. Dar cranks the neck. Bate gets underneath Dar and slams him to break the hold. Bate gets dumped to the apron…Dar hits a shin-kick, then a dropkick. He picks Bate up and whips him into the steel steps. Bate beats the referee’s count and mounts a thunderous comeback. Jumping uppercut from the middle rope. He runs through Dar with an axe-handle and exploder suplex in succession. “NXT” chants from the crowd. Bate kips-up and hits a standing shooting star press for two.

Dar counters a maneuver into a sunset pin…Bate switches to a jacknife with bridge…two count. Dar locks in the rings of Saturn…Bate refuses to quit! Dar eventually lets go…he goes for leg kicks…Bate catches one and sends Dar into the mat with another suplex. Bate goes for another standing shooting star but Dar gets the knees up. Dar off the ropes…Bate distracts him for Bop and Bang…Dar immediately counters with a flatliner. He sets up for the Nova roller…Bate nails an enziguri. Bate goes for the head-spring lariat…Dar is right there and applies a kneebar! Bate is in trouble! He somehow powers himself to the ropes. Dar can’t believe it. Elbow from Bate…Dar comes right back by sweeping the leg and hitting a roundhouse. Cover…CLOSE two! Dar goes to double-stomp the leg…Bate moves and connects with the rolling-heel kick. Bate to the top…Dar rolls to the outside. Flying splash over the ropes! Back inside…Tyler Driver attempt…Dar counters but Bate cradles him…only two. Back and forth striking…Bate ducks another roundhouse and lights Dar up with an uppercut. He finally connects with the lariat. Jordan Devlin distracts Bate from the entrance path. Bate stays focused…haymaker to Dar. Tyler Driver. It’s over.

Tyler Bate wins by pinfall

Devlin immediately runs into the ring to attack Bate but Bate is ready. Devlin fleas before anything gets physical. Bate screams that if Devlin wants to face him so badly, he can challenge him at Takeover. Devlin mouths something back.

That’s the show friends.

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