Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s recap of WWE’s The Bump. This show airs every Wednesday at 10 AM EST on the WWE Network, as well as on WWE’s official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. Join Kayla Braxton as well as several other panelists who discuss everything and anything that is going on both in and out of the WWE ring.

Rapid Rundown

The panel begins the show by talking about Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa’s building feud and their match last week on NXT.

Next, they go over “The Fiend’s” ending segment on Friday Night SmackDown last week. They want to know who’s hair he was pulling out.

After, they discuss Seth Rollins’ apology on Monday Night RAW. The majority of the panel does not believe that his apology was sincere.

Lastly, the panel thought that Kevin Owen’s criticism of Lana was hysterical and think he needs to voice his opinion more often.

Ricochet Joins In-Studio

They first begin his interview by showing some photos of Ricochet throughout the years.

Evan T. Mack asks Ricochet if he is part of the X-Men group because of his superhero-like abilities in the ring. He jokingly says that he can’t confirm or deny it. He adds that Rey Mysterio was his hero growing up, so he based a lot of his movements from Mysterio’s.

Ricochet informs the panel that the WWE never “watered down” his moves. He is in control of what he does in the ring, and doesn’t want to go overboard and have many long term injury/injuries that could take him out of in-ring competition.

After, the play “Game Recognizes Game,” where Ricochet watches clips of wrestlers, and analyzes their in-ring moves. He states that being AJ Styles must be hard, especially with all the high flying moves he’s done throughout his career. Other wrestler’s he talks about are Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal), Guerrero and Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio Joins In

Mysterio calls in and begins by thanking Ricochet for looking up to him. He’s glad to be an inspiration to the modern-day wrestlers.

Next, they talk about Mysterio’s match at Survivor Series and his son, Dominick’s, performance. They show a clip of when Dominick was younger and Eddie Guerrero yelling out to him that he’s his “Papi.” He says that Dominick loves being part of the wrestling community, and he can’t wait for him to be an in-ring competitor.

The WWE Universe is Asked…

“If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would it Be?”

A. Flight
B. Super Strength
C. Invisibility
D. Mind Control

Ricochet says that he would want super-speed like The Flash has.

Dana Brooke Joins In

The panel first congratulates Brooke for having 1 million subscribers on Twitter. She’s glad that fans like her that much. She wants to inspire the fans and help them live out their best life possible.

And now, the question most fans want to know? Are Batista and Brooke an item? She says that they both are going to have a date soon and leaves it at that. She says that she would love for a camera crew to come and film their first date.

Breaking News w/ McKenzie Mitchell

– Damian Priest is not medically cleared to compete tonight on NXT.

– Also, John Morrison is returning to the WWE and will be joining “The Bump” panel next week!

Keith Lee Joins In

Lee joins the panel via video camera. He is very happy that fans nominated him as 2019’s breakout star.

Lee had a great time at Survivor Series. He was glad to be part of one of the main event matches.

Lee concludes the interview by saying he didn’t realize how hard he hit Adam Cole until a GIF was made of him shoulder tackling Cole into the audience.

The WWE Universe Responds:

“Flight” – 28%
“Super Strength” – 18%
“Invisibility”- 27%
“Mind Control”- 27%

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!