This week's taped WWE RAW episode saw three enhancement talents take quick squash losses to WWE Superstars.

WWE often uses several enhancement talents during segments where they use security guards that take bumps, but rarely do they use the "jobbers" in multiple matches on one show. All three talents are graduates of the Black & Brave Wrestling Academy co-owned by Seth Rollins and Marek Brave.

This week's RAW saw Aleister Black get a quick win over enhancement talent Deonn Rusman, who was using the same name he uses on the indies. "Iceberg" Rusman, who is from Alaska but based in the Midwest, trained at the Black & Brave Wrestling Academy, and has competed at the WrestlePro promotion owned by Curt Hawkins and WWE Producer Pat Buck, Magnum Wrestling, SCW Pro, Iron Spirit Pro, and others. You can find Rusman on Twitter at @Rusman907.

Buddy Murphy defeated another enhancement talent right after Black's squash win, to set up the Murphy vs. Black TLC rematch on next week's RAW. Murphy defeated Joeasa, who also used the same name he uses on the indies. Joeasa, who is from Georgia, also graduated from Black & Brave, and has competed for WrestlePro, AAW Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, SCW Pro, Iron Spirit Pro, and other promotions. You can find him on Twitter at @ForeverJoeasa.

Rusman and Joeasa currently team with Robin Steele to form the InFAMy stable on the indies. InFAMy have worked for several local Midwest indie feds, and have held the SCW Pro Tag Team Titles together.

Finally, this week's RAW saw Erick Rowan destroy an enhancement talent billed as Travis Horn, and then pin him after a pair of Iron Claw slams. Horn was played by indie wrestler "The 6 Star Booty" JT Energy. Energy, who is also based in the Midwest, graduated from the Black & Brave school. He has worked for Central Empire Wrestling, SCW Pro, and others. Energy noted on Twitter that he is scheduled to wrestle WWE Hall of Famer and RAW announcer Jerry Lawler at the CEW event on January 4. You can find Energy on Twitter at @DJClickNPlay.

Marek, who operates Black & Brave and trains wrestlers with Rollins, took to Twitter and said we can expect to see more of their students on WWE TV.

"You will see plenty more of our @BlackandBrave grads going forward. Guarantee it. The talent our guys & girls have is limitless. Beyond proud of all of them for chasing their dreams with everything they've got," he wrote.

Black & Brave and SCW Pro congratulated all three talents for their RAW appearances, as seen in the tweets below. Also below are clips from the Murphy and Black matches, and you can see footage from Rowan vs. Horn above.