Xavier Woods recently spoke with TVInsider to promote the new “The New Day: Feel The Power” podcast from WWE and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Woods is currently out of action until some time in 2020 after undergoing surgery to repair an Achilles tear. He was asked about possibly changing things for his big return next year, and if there are some things he would tweak after looking at The New Day from the outside right now.

“A hundred percent, but I can’t tell you,” Woods said. “It’s a secret. I got to keep the magic. I’m busy and don’t want to focus on how I will come back because I have tons of time left. For example, if a video game was going to come out in a year I do my best not to think about it. If I do, I get too hyped and not focusing on what is actually occurring in my life at that moment in time. I’m not able to enjoy the present. Rather than having these thoughts about how I would fit in again or done differently, in my logic, that’s the kind of thinking that would put me in a mode of depression. I have ideas, but can’t use them now. So any ideas now I have for later is going to be drastically different because the environment of the company is going to be different when I come back. I’ll start thinking about things closer to my actual return. I have some crazy fantasy ideas, but if I say those they won’t come to fruition. I have to keep them in my sketchbook.”

Woods also talked about expanding the UpUpDownDown gaming channel on YouTube, and their plans for 2020. The channel recently hit the milestone of 2 million subscribers.

“We hit our goal of two million subscribers, which is absolutely incredible to me,” Woods said. “I enjoy it and have fun doing it. We have an amazing team working on stuff. It’s a humbling experience people want to sit down and spend their precious minutes watching anything we put out there. I think goal-wise we want to be bigger and better. Come January, we have a lot of fun ideas. We’re going to be based more in absurd story-telling. We’ve spent a lot of time creating these weird personalities on this channel. So, we are going to try our hand at using those personalities and intertwine these characters into some weird story-telling in the UpUpDownDown. When I talk about it, this all seems so fun to me. We’ll see if people actually like it.”

Regarding the new “Feel The Power” podcast, Woods said they thought that this would be a logical step for the group as podcasts are hot right now.

“”We were lucky enough to be approached as a crew of three to do this podcast,” Woods said. “We talked about it and accepted because we were trying to find a venue out there to do more. Kofi, myself and E are always trying to think what’s next for New Day. Podcasts are huge right now. We thought it would be a logical step for us. We get to just hang out and talk. So, it’s the stuff we are essentially doing anyway. We just put microphones in front of our faces and hope and pray people listen to it.”

He continued when asked about the format of the show, “The first couple of episodes are going to essentially be an origin story how New Day came about and catch us up to current day. From there, we hope to get to the point where we figure out what kind of things we want to talk about. Obviously, with me there will be a video game component on there. With Kofi, it will probably be something about shoes. With E, it will probably be something about music. We hope to give something for everybody. Honestly, it will be a lot of free-flowing conversations with current topics like things hot on Twitter. Just relevant things and maybe what might be funny to us.”