Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* We see a different angle of the Young Bucks launching MJF into the pool aboard Chris Jericho's cruise. As MJF splashes around, crowd chants "He can't swim!"

* Shots of the cruise are shown as Matt and Nick make their way on. The brothers said they were the first on the boat, talk about all the upcoming events they have for the next four days. They note that Brandon Cutler isn't there and aren't sure what he's doing. We see some two-on-two basketball games being played.

* Chris Jericho gets ready to go out and perform for the crowd with his band Fozzy.

* Clips shown of wrestling matches going on. Matt and Matt go out for some hibachi. Then talk about the TV taping on the ship while they hang out at the beach. Nick then goes into his "merch freak" phase. Nick walks on water as the merch freak music plays.

* Backstage, Cody and Nick talk about how it's cold during the TV tapings. They are trying to stall as the crowd waits, but they aren't quite ready to go. Cody says nobody wants to go out and "blow their pop." Tony Schiavone comes back from entertaining the crowd a bit and asks the group, "What's going on?!"

* A mystery person looks at the "Once you join, you can't leave. - Dark Order" note. They look out the window and see a Dark Order member on the sidewalk. They look back down at the note, then up again and the person is right at their window.

* In bed, Adam Page wakes upa bit hungover. Page can't believe how bright it is in his room, then realizes it's not just the curtains being open, but his very bright AEW World Tag Team Title gleaming at him. Page says people always talk about winning the belt, but never the morning after. Page says he doesn't feel any different though, he thought he'd feel different. "I tried to quit The Elite, didn't these guys not even hear me? Now I'm the tag champ with Kenny." Page heads off to a morning meet and greet. Wonders if he can get a beer for breakfast and starts up his photo session with the fans.