Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Young Bucks check out Nick’s landscaping project. Matt says he’s an expert on landscaping and starts tearing apart Nick’s project. Nick tells Matt to screw off and leaves. Matt then says he just probably needs a minute to get away from the toxicity, give him a minute, and he’ll be back. Referencing the Young Bucks leaving Twitter. Matt then continues ripping on Nick’s work, mocking how fans can nitpick at wrestling promotions.

* Montage of Matt and Nick traveling to Memphis. They then get an invite to a Memphis Grizzlies game and end up giving a guy a double superkick. The two then see Orange Cassidy walking around the arena.

* Matt and Nick visit Graceland on Elvis’ birthday. Then we see clips of them getting ready for the AEW Dynamite show in Memphis. Young Bucks talking with Lanny Poffo backstage.

* Hangman Page backstage, enjoying a drink. He gives a hug to “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant, talked about Valiant’s wrestling camp that he went to and thanks Valiant for making him (and everyone else) feel at home. Valiant then brings up Page’s match, saying that even though his partner won the match, Page won because he’s got a lot more to run towards, rather than running from. Valiant heads off, Page thinks about it and sips on his beer some more.

* Kris Statlander tries to figure out the purpose of a chair. Orange rolls up and shows her how to sit on the chair.

* A tipsy Page goes into the bathroom, uses some mouthwash, and then finds Omega. Michael Nakazawa is getting checked on after being attacked. Omega asked Page where he was, he thought Page said he’d be right behind him. Page told Omega, “No, I said you got this.” Omega wonders if Page has been drinking. Omega tells Page they beat Private Party and could really do some great things. He tells Page to drink some water, Page says he has some. Omega tries it and spits it out, giving him another bottle.

Omega wants to get Page home safe and tells Nakazawa he’s gotta help Page. The camera catches Nakazawa checking out The Dark Order website on his phone. Apparently, Page is good, since Omega just follows Matt and Nick into their office. Young Bucks say they felt like Memphis has been rocking, suddenly Brandon Cutler comes in and Matt laughs, wondering where Cutler has been lately. Cutler just sits down and doesn’t really say anything. Cut back to Page walking through the arena and asking Kenny (who’s no longer there) if he got the Uber. Page then realizes Kenny is gone, and the he doesn’t even have his bags. He starts walking around the arena again.