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Awesome Kong (w/the Nightmare Collective) vs. Skyer Moore

SCU vs. TH2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford)

Also, Chuck Taylor joins on commentary!

Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcome fans to another edition of AEW Dark! The first match is announced!

Awesome Kong (w/the Nightmare Collective) vs. Skyer Moore

Kong begins the match with several Mongolian chops on Moore. After, Kong throws Moore into the turnbuckle. Kong with a hard pound on Moore's back. Moore fights back with a rising kick. Kong puts Moore in the fireman's carry then plants her down on the mat. She grabs Moore's hair, Moore counters and tries to go for a schoolgirl pin, Kong reverses and lands right on top of her. Kong slams Moore face-first onto the mat. Kong covers and wins the match.

Winner: Awesome Kong

Post-Match: The Nightmare Collective continue their attack on Moore before leaving the ring.

Up next, the main event!

SCU vs. TH2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) & Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford)

Sabian and Frankie Kazarian begin the match. Kazarian with a side headlock takeover, followed by a shoulder tackle. Ford climbs up onto the apron and tries to distract Kazarian so Sabian can attack him from behind. Now, all six men make their way into the ring. SCU has Sabian isolated. Kazarian with a double foot dropkick. Kazarian tags in Scorpio Sky. Sabian drags Sky over to his side of the corner and tags in Angelico. Angelico captures Sky's right arm. Sky breaks out of it and tags in Kazarian. Kazarian comes down with a leg drop, cover, Angelico kicks out. Next, Christopher Daniels is tagged in. Daniels with a splinter style suplex, cover, Angelico kicks out. Daniels slaps Evans off the apron. Angelico kicks Daniels right in the face and then lands several left jabs. Angelico tags in Evans. TH2 with the added flourish, cover, Daniels kicks out. Evans slams Daniels face-first into the turnbuckle, tags in Angelico. Angelico with a quick tag to Sabian. Sabian with a running knee strike, covers, Daniels kicks out at 2. Sabian with a front lock kick sends Daniels to the outside. Ford with a DDT, sends Daniels back into the ring. Sabian with a swinging neckbreaker, cover, Daniels kicks out again. Evans is tagged in and goes for a moonsault right away, follows it with a springboard. Daniels counters with a tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker. Daniels crawls over and tags in Kazarian. Kazarian cleans house. Kazarian with an inside-out on Evans. Evans comes back with a flipping back kick, cover, Kazarian kicks out. Evans heads to the top- tries to land a Phoneix Splash, Kazarian puts his knees up. Sky and Kazarian with an SCU Later on Evans, covers, SCU picks up the win.

Winners: SCU

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!