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– As part of the tribute to Memphis Wrestling, Dave Brown joins Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Excalibur at commentary to call a match.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs. Private Party

Crowd already with the “Cowboy s—” chant as Page and Quen get things started. Back and forth strikes, but nobody really hits another, Page looks for a big boot, Quen barley dodges it. Page with a big chop. Quen with a flipping dropkick, Kassidy tags in, heads to the top, double stomp to the chest and then kicks Omega off the apron. Quen with a suplex, cover, two. Inverted atomic drop / kick to the head combo by Private Party, cover, one-count. Page drops Kassidy tags in, Page and Omega trade chops as Kassidy squeals away. Omega and Page have done a couple high-fives and fist bumbs thus far. Omega with a backbreaker, cover, two. Tags in Page.

Kassidy tries to fight out of the corner, pops Omega, but Page hits Kassidy in the midsection, then knocks Quen off the apron. Omega tags in, big chop. Kassidy whipped into the ropes, he slides to the apron, sends Page to the floor, tries to springboard in, Omega chops him down. Kassidy with a springboard flatliner inside the ring. Page gets back in there and goes to work on Private Party. Omega brought back in with a running back elbow. Page with a rolling elbow and then a suplex on Quen. Big powerbomb on Kassidy, Page with knees to the back of his head, cover, two!

Omega looks for v-trigger, Quen tries to intercept and eats a snap dragon suplex. Omega tries again, but Kassidy kicks out his knee with basement dropkick. Kassidy then hits silly string DDT on Omega, cover, close three. Quen with an insanely high shooting star press, nobody in the pool. Page tags in, looks for the buckshot lariat and nearly hits Omega, Quen then shoves Page into Omega. Page and Omega trade big strikes on Quen, cover, two. Omega up top, Private Party with double dropkicks, sending Page into Omega. Gin and Juice hits on Omega! Cover, Page just barely breaks it up. Page sends Kassidy out of the ring. Omega flips Quen, who ends up kicking Page in the head. Quen throws shots on a shocked Omega. Page hits a buckshot lariat on Quen as Omega hits his v-trigger from behind. Omega with a one winged angel on Quen, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Adam Page and Kenny Omega via Pinfall

– Backstage, PAC has the brutalizer locked in on Michael Nakazawa. He yells at Omega that he did this! He says if Omega doesn’t give him the rubber match, things like this will continue to happen. Omega runs back to the ring to check on his friend. As we go to a split-screen commercial, a fans offers up a beer to Page, he drinks it up. Page then heads to another section and drinks another beer with a group of fans. Page continues walking through the crowd and talking with different people, giving fist bumps to a number of them. Cameras showing signs like, “Hangover Page” and “Hangman Page! Drink my beer!”

– Brandi Rhodes joins commentary for the next match. Hikaru Shida and Britt Baker are sitting ringside.

Riho (c) vs. Kris Statlander (AEW Women’s World Championship)

Brandi is asked why she comes out and has been cutting women’s hair. Brandi says she’ll explain that when Excalibur explains why he wears a mask at commentary. He then explained he was brought up in the lucha libre culture and it’s a tribute to that. Brandi didn’t explain why after that, lol. Statlander tries for a handstand leg drop, nobody home, Riho with a hurricanrana. Riho tries for a 619, Statlander catches her and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as we go to break.

Riho gets dropped, Statlander up top, moonsault, nobody home. Riho with a german suplex with the bridge, cover, two. Cameras keep showing Shida (ranked #2) and Baker (ranked #5) look on. Riho put on the top rope, Statlander with a stalled superplex! Both women down, and out comes Awesome Kong and Meline (Mel) to ringside. Riho with a flying knee, Statlander with a kick to the face. Riho gets taken down to the flor and Mel gets sent into the barricade while the referee is distracted. Statlander with a suicide dive on Mel. Statlander then hits a suicide dive on Kong.

Brandi heads down from commentary and gets right in Statlander’s face. They jaw a bit. Statlander gets grabbed by Luther, the fourth member of the Nightmare Collective. Statlander dropped on the floor. The group tells Riho to go in and win. She climbs to the top rope and then takes out Luther. Riho back in the ring, scramble, Statlander with a gorilla press, but Riho counters with a crucifix bomb, cover, two. Statlander with a discus lariat, plants the champion to the mat, cover, very close three. Statlander going for a piledriver near the ropes, Kong trips up Statlander, Riho gets the cover and the 1-2-3. Riho isn’t happy with how that ended though.

Winner: Riho via Pinfall

– Post-match, Kong with a big clothesline on Statlander. Riho then gets involved to get Kong off, but Mel gets in the ring and drops the champ. Shida then jumps the barricade to help out Statlander and Riho. Baker just sits back down. Big Swole and Sonny Kiss also come out to help out.

Sammy Guevara vs. Christopher Daniels

Guevara gets the quick start on Daniels, but slows down a bit as Daniels chops away at his opponent in the corner. Daniels charges in, Guevara pulls the referee in front of him, then gets the cheap shot to Daniels’ face. Double stomp off the second rope, cover, two. Guevara continues to control the match, tries for a 450 splash, lands on his feet, but Daniels hits an exploder suplex.

Daniels with some big strikes, blue thunder bomb, pin, two-count. Looks for angel’s wings, no, Guevara with a knee strike, running shooting star press, cover, two. Daniels hits an STO. From the stage, Pentagon Jr. yells “Hey, amigo! Show me if you can!” to Daniels. Daniels thought about doing the arabian press, eats a knee, kick to the back of the head, cover, and it’s all over.

Winner: Sammy Guevara via Pinfall

– Post-match, The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Grayson, John Silver, Alex Reynolds, and two other masked men) heads to the ring. Uno says Daniels is a popular man today, and says Daniels’ fingerprints are all over wrestling these days. Uno says had he not met Daniels 15 years ago, his life could be a lot different. Uno says the fans don’t believe in Daniels anymore, they are the same people who have said he’s “lost a step.” Uno says he could help Daniels and made him the man he once was. Uno then pulls out a mask and offers it up. Daniels takes the mask and thinks about it for a moment. He throws the mask at Uno and everyone attacks Daniels. Out run SCU and The Young Bucks. They beats up everyone as Uno bounces from the ring ahead of time. The Dark Order gets destroyed by the group. Daniels hits best moonsault ever as we go to break.

Lucha Bros. vs. Cody and Dustin Rhodes (with Arn Anderson)

Pentagon and Cody get things started. Pentagon with “Cero Miedo” to Cody, who drops down and hits Pentagon with a punch to the face. They counter each other’s finishers, both Dustin and Fenix tag in. Dustin tries for the running bulldog, no, Fenix tries for a cutter, no. Cody and Pentagon both tagged in again and we’re on a full stalemate between both teams. Cody, for whatever reason, then turns around and eats a kick to the back of the head. Pentagon taunts a bit as he then lights up Cody’s leg. Lucha Bros. control the action during the split-screen break.

Dustin’s leg is getting lit up in this match. He finally gets some offensive, taking down Pentagon and throwing Fenix out to the floor. Fenix now bringing a chair up to the apron, Arn then kicks to the chair away. Fenix and Pentagon stare him down, but Dustin hits a spinebuster on Fenix. Cody really wants in and finally gets it. Cody charges in and hits a hurricrana on Pentagon, then a spinning powerslam on Fenix. Suicide dive on Pentagon, and then a bicycle kick on Fenix, followed up with ten-punches to the head in the corner. Cody takes off the weight belt and launches it into the crowd.

Cody looks for cross rhodes, no, punches Fenix in the face, tries to throw him out of the ring, Fenix whips around the ropes, kick to the face, rolling cutter. Pentagon tagged in, they look for their finisher. Cody shoves Pentagon back and Dustin tags in. Lucha Bros still focused on Cody though. Multiple kicks on Dustin, spinning powerslam on Pentagon. Catches a flying Fenix with an atomic drop. He then hits a canadian destroyer on Fenix! Cody cutter on Pentagon Jr. Dustin with a twisting suplex (final reckoning) on Fenix for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Cody and Dustin Rhodes via Pinfall

– Post-match, Tony Schiavone heads to the ring to talk with Cody. He asks if Cody accepts MJF’s crazu terms before their match can take place at Revolution. Anderson jumps in and doesn’t understand who made MJF God, but he doesn’t get why MJF has so much stroke around here. Anderson says Cody may want it, but they need to talk about it first and will get back to everyone on that answer.

– Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Lanny Poffo who’s here to honor his father (Angelo Poffo) and brother (Randy Savage) as part of the Memphis Wrestling tribute. Lanny appreciated the opportunity to be here to honor his family and as he met the fans he is understanding what makes AEW actually a dynamite product.

– MJF heads out to the ring with Wardlow. MJF calls Cody a coward and does a countdown from 10 to get Cody out and face him. No answer, MJF calls Cody a “b—-.” Out rolls Diamond Dallas Page. DDP runs down some of his accolades and then says he never would have thought he’d be back on TNT. MJF isn’t paying attention at all, looking at his phone while Page talks. Page says he wants to address something from a few weeks back. He says fans blew up his Twitter asking if he’d be back for one more match. MJF finally had enough and says Page could lace his boots, even in his prime. He talks some more trash, Page steps towards him, but MJF says he’s not saying he wants to fight, but maybe someone else might.

Out rolls The Blade, The Butcher, and The Bunny. MJF reminds Page that WCW is dead and that’s also the average age of his fans. MJF tells Page he can either one: kiss his ring and leave, or two: sends Page straight to hospice and go after one of his daughters and “bang!” Page goes after MJF, but then hits a cutter on both The Blade and The Butcher. MJF goes in for a strike, Page nearly gives him a cutter, MJF shoves him into Wardlow, MJF with a lowblow kick. QT Marshall, Dustin, and some referees runs out to help DDP.

The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy vs. Jurassic Express

Taylor and Jungle Boy get things going, Taylor with an arm drag. Jungle Boy with a flipping arm drag, dropkick, kip-up. Trent tags in, Stunt wants the tag. Crowd with a “Marko!” chant. Stunt psyches himself up, collar and elbow, Trent easily tosses him away. Stunt want test of strength, he goes for a leaping headlock, Trent takes him to the corner and pats him on the head. Stunt with a hurricanrana, but Trent quickly drops Stunt. Stunt with the inside cradle for a one-count. Stunt with a chop to the chest, quickly tags out to Jungle Boy. Inverted atomic drop, Stunt with a kick to the head. Rip cord / leg drop on Trent. Taylor runs out “Hey! That’s my best friend!” as we have a standoff between both teams.

Back from the break, Luchasaurus tags in and takes down both Taylor and Trent. Pop-up on Trent, spinning kick to the face. Luchasaurus with a single leg stomp to Taylor. Roundhouse kick to Trent’s face. Cassidy finally tags in, hands in the pants, throws light kicks, ends up hitting a stunner on Luchasaurus. He hits a dropkick on Jungle Boy. Cassidy then with his hands in his pockets suicide dive. Best Friends hug with Cassidy between them. Jungle Boy dropped, Cassidy up on the top rope, falling crossbody, cover, Stunt flies in to break it up. Stunt with a kick to Trent’s midsection, flipping flateliner on Taylor. Hits a canadian destroyer on Trent. Stunt is very over with the crowd, “this is awesome!” Luchasaurusthen throws Stunt off the apron down on two guys. In the ring, Jungle Boy with a frankensteiner into a pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Jurassic Express via Pinfall

– AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Hager make their way to the ring to hear Jon Moxley’s answer about joining the Inner Circle. Moxley heads out to the ring through the crowd. There’s a “little bit of the bubbly” in the ring. Jericho has the keys to the car he promised Moxley, and if he wants to join, they are going to party all night long. Jericho then asks Moxley what his answer is. Moxley says he’s had a week to think about it and there’s a lot that goes into this decision. He tells the fans they may think they know what his goals are, but they don’t, nor does Jericho. Moxley runs down what Jericho offered, but says he doesn’t want any of it. “I didn’t come to AEW because someone backed a truckload of money to my house. I can’t be bought.” He then says he’ll join the group!

He reveals his “Inner Circle” shirt. Moxley says he wants to dominate and this group is the most powerful group in the company. Moxley then says to be great, you have to be with the greats, and says Jericho is one of the greats of all-time. Moxley says they will dominant for years to come and there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s pop open a little bit of the bubbly! Jericho sprays some champagne and is super happy. He wants the crowd to cheer and for the back to play some music. Moxley then hugs Hager and Guevara. Jericho says this is the beginning of Inner Circle taking over AEW. Moxley says Jericho may have forgotten something, and wants the keys. Jericho says the car is worth more than everyone in the crowd makes, combined.

He hands it over to Moxley. Crowd tells Moxley “you sold out!” He says he had a truck he was going to run into the ground, but now he’s got the “gift of Jericho.” Jericho brings up that he and Moxley won their matches at the Tokyo Dome! Jericho wants to celebrate some more with champagne. Crowd is pretty surprised by Moxley’s answer. Guevara and Hager head out of the ring. Moxley says he forgot one final thing. “I was just kidding, I would never join the Inner Circle, it’s a stupid group, you have nothing that I want. Except for that [title].” Moxley smacks Jericho over the head with a bottle and lands paradigm shift. He DDTs Guevara, then bails out of the ring before Hager can get to him.