Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Backstage, Super Humman says “This is for the Juggalos & Juggalettes.” He then sees Frankie Kazarian working out and says, “I like your work.” Kazarian yells “Do ya?!” Super Humman then rips off his shirt and says “F— this s—” and puts himself through a table. Kazarian looks at him for a second, then keeps working out.

* AEW President Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, and many others hanging out at TIAA Bank Field for New Year’s Eve. Khan thanks everyone at the company for their huge year. The group then rings in the New Year as the ball drops.

* Jack Evans and Angelico are on the practice field with Orange Cassidy. Evans calls out Jacksonville Jaguars Kicker Josh Lambo, “anything you can do TH2 can do better!” Angelico then kicks a field goal with Cassidy very casually holding the ball for him. Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford look on somewhat impressed, and give him a high-five. Evans says it was a “home run.” Cut to Cassidy checking out a tackling dummy and lightly kicking it a couple times. He then walks up to it and “tackles” it by just flopping down on it.

* Backstage, Jen Decker talks with Jurassic Express as Jungle Boy smells her hair and Marko Stunt just stares up at her. Jen then stops and asks Brandon Cutler if he has everyone in the frame, Luchasaurus is not at all, then Cutler looks down to reveal Luchasaurus is standing on a block of wood to make him look taller. “Hey! Quit showing that!” They change things up and now all three members are the same height. Jen still feels like it’s not going to work. We then see a bunch of outtakes from their backstage segment.

* At catering, Jack Evans goes to have some pie and Leva Bates takes it away, giving him something healthier. Stunt plays a video game, she gives him a book, instead. Stunt says he doesn’t know how to read. Bates then plays the video game and the pie that she took from earlier.

* Backstage, Kenny Omega talks with Riho. Sabian and Ford roll up and ask Omega if he saw his match, seemingly happy about it. A confused Omega responds, “I saw you lose?” Sabian then brings up Omega talking about intergender wrestling, Sabian says there’s only two people in the company that can do intergender wrestling (himself and Ford), and tells Omega to not cash a check he can’t afford. He also noted Omega doesn’t have a partner anyways (with Riho standing right there). Omega tells them good luck and goes to head off with Riho (saying something to her in Japanese). Ford then stands in front of Riho, moves, then gets in her way again, “That’s right, b—-,” Ford says before walking off

* A drunk Adam Page talks to the bartender. Private Party heads in and tells Page he can chill, they just wanted to mention their match against Page and Omega, next week. Cassidy says they just want a good, clean match. Page says he knows earlier he said “I’m going to whoop your ass,” and that he could (and will) whoop their ass. Private Party laughs it off. Page says he wouldn’t actually mean it, he was just kidding. Very seriously, Quen says Page is acting like a prick, but if he’s just kidding then it’s okay. Cassidy says they like Page, but if he’s going to act like that, they don’t know if they can be cool or party together. They head off. Page then asks for another drink.

* A Dark Order mask is left at someone’s doorstep with a note “Once you join, you can’t leave.” Cut to the mystery person previously throwing the mask in the trash. The door opens and the mask (and note) gets picked up.