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- Ring of Honor currently has three events set for February: Free Enterprise (February 9, Baltimore), Bound by Honor (February 28, Nashville), and Gateway to Honor (February 29, St. Charles). Alex Shelley, who just made an appearance alongside KUSHIDA in the Dusty Rhodes Classic in NXT has been announced for Bound by Honor (against Rey Horus) and Gateway to Honor (against Dan Maff). Below are the rest of the updated cards:

Free Enterprise

* Brody King vs. Rey Horus
* Bandido and Flamita vs. The Briscoes
* Slex vs. Flip Gordon
* Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff vs. Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham
* Joe Hendry and Dalton Castle vs. Bateman and Vincent
* Battle Royal
* Sumie Sakai vs. Session Moth Martina
* Alex Zayne vs. Andrew Everett

Bound by Honor

* PCO (c) vs. Dragon Lee (ROH World Championship)
* Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff vs. The Briscoes
* Marty Scurll vs. Slex
* RUSH and Kenny King vs. Brody King and Flip Gordon
* Rey Horus vs. Alex Shelley
* Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry vs. Lifeblood vs. Flamita and Bandido vs. Vincent and Bateman
* Nicole Savoy vs. Angelina Love
* 2 Guys 1 Tag vs. Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal

Gateway to Honor

* PCO (c) vs. RUSH vs. Mark Haskins (ROH World Championship)
* Dragon Lee (c) vs. Dak Draper (ROH World TV Championship)
* Flamita, Bandido, and Rey Horus (c) vs. Jeff Cobb, Jonathan Gresham, and Jay Lethal (ROH World Six-Man Championship)
* Slex and The Briscoes and Villain Enterprises
* 2 Guys 1 Tag vs. Vincent and Bateman
* Alex Shelley vs. Dan Maff
* Session Moth Martina vs. Angelina Love

- Arn Anderson was kicked out from ringside during this past Wednesday's Dynamite where Cody Rhodes took on (and defeated) Kip Sabian. Penelope Ford was with Sabian and caused a few problems that the referee kept missing. Anderson ended up getting in the ring to point that out and bumped the referee, he was then ejected. Afterwards, Anderson spoke about getting tossed out.

"Is this guy new? Has he been living under a rock? Does he know who I am?" Anderson asked. "I'm Arn Anderson, you don't throw me out of anywhere. Now, he missed several calls, which I tried to point out to him. He seemed to be distracted by a little, blonde young lady running around at ringside, which had nothing to do with the match whatsoever. I wasn't involved in the match, she shouldn't have been involved in the match."