NWA World Women's Champion Allysin Kay had some more thoughts today after bringing to light allegations about Tessa Blanchard.

Yesterday, Blanchard initially tweeted out, "Hey women, try supporting one another. Cool things happen."

Kay then brought up a story, "Remember when you spat in a black woman's face and called her the N-word in Japan? Was that you "supporting women"? The AUDACITY of this tweet."

Kay said she was given permission by the individual, Puerto Rican wrestler Black Rose, to make it public. Blanchard said it was "not true."

"The reason I've never said anything until now is because it wasn't my story to tell," Kay replied. "I made it clear to La Rosa that I had her back, and today was the day she gave me permission. You can't force someone to come forward, but you can be there for them. THAT is 'supporting women.'"

Kay tweeted out a few thoughts about coming forward about a difficult situation, hoping that by exposing Blanchard, she may change her alleged behind-the-scenes behavior.

"It's never the 'right time' to come forward. It will always be difficult," Kay wrote on Twitter today. "There are always reasons not to. But there is no statute of limitations on someone's pain. So many people bury their secrets for years out of fear; some forever. I encourage you to not stay silent forever. People have tried to deal with Tessa behind the scenes for years & she hasn't changed. Denying things even happened shows you haven't grown. So it was time for that ass to get exposed. I guarantee you she will treat everyone with respect now, because people are watching that much closer. She will go down in history regardless, but it's up to her whether she wants it to be for her talent, or if she wants to be the next Moolah."

NXT Stars Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic had their own spin on the recent tweets between Blanchard and Kay.

"Hey. Men out here supporting each other. I see you...and I like what I see. Keep it up. We will make cool things happen. #ChangeTheGame," Lee wrote.

"Remember when you gave me a hug and called me your friend in Full Sail? Was that you 'supporting men'? The LOVE of this tweet," Dijakovic responded.