WWE Hall Of Famer and current member of AEW, Arn Anderson, recently took to his The Arn Show podcast to delve into the relationship he has with fellow “Four Horsemen” member, Ric Flair. Arn says that he and Ric remain on amicable terms, and the distance their bond has experienced since their time together on the road is based around the fact that he stepped away as a performer.

“In the business, you’re lucky if when you’re done you can look on your hand and count the number of true friends you have on one hand. If you can do that, if you have five friends that you can really call friends, you’ve had a successful career,” Arn said. “But being friends doesn’t mean you have to talk on the phone all the time, do something together, go to dinner every week and all that.

“Ric and I had a very good relationship when I was wrestling, and we were on the road together, and we had the same thought process and we were heading towards the same goals. Once you step into the office, you have a different schedule,” Arn continued. “My schedule was completely different, my job duties were completely different, expectations on me were completely different – it was just a whole different life.”

Arn believes that there is nothing negative about the lack of interaction he has one-on-one with Ric. He says he’ll always remember the 16-time World Champion as once a very good friend of his.

“Ric has since went his way as far as the business goes, and I have went my way. I don’t think there’s any dissension, there’s nothing negative about it,” Arn explained. “Sometimes people grow apart and that’s much more what happened, and it’s more out of necessity that we are going our separate ways that we don’t see or talk [to one another]. But for a very long time, I will say that he was a very good friend and that’s how I’ll look at it when I take it to my grave.”

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