Arn Anderson Talks Why Cesaro Hasn't Reached His Full Potential In WWE

On the latest ARN podcast, Arn Anderson discussed with co-host Conrad Thompson about Cesaro's placement in WWE over the years. Despite elite in-ring abilities, and at times, a rabid fanbase ("Cesaro Section"), WWE never fully got behind the WWE Superstar.


"He was probably outspoken, probably stood up for himself, which is not taken lightly, or very well," Anderson said. "This is a guy who did a giant swing on [The Great] Khali for God's sake. Had it not been for Big Show having a bad knee, or a bad hip, I can't remember which, he had the wherewithal to giant swing Big Show. His hip being bad being the only thing that prevented it."

Anderson then brought up when Cesaro began tagging as a heel team with Sheamus. The incredible feats of strength, which typically receives big pops from the fans, had to go away since that wasn't the role Cesaro had been placed in.

"The guy is superhuman strong," Anderson began. "When he was with Sheamus, all the things he had done to get himself over as a single when he became partners with Sheamus?these guys were heels?you didn't want to do all the pretty stuff. You didn't want to suplex a guy who was all the way on the outside on the floor, you reach across, your foot on the bottom rope and stand him straight up and suplex him into the ring.


"All of those things that he did that were so incredible, they didn't do because they were a heel team because they were trying to get the babyfaces over. He sacrificed?like a lot of heels do?when they're cast into that tag spot. They end up losing their individuality. Their selfishness has to go away. They can't just worry about themselves, they got three other guys in the ring to worry about. I think he still has the tools that he's always had."

You can listen to Anderson's full comments in the video above.

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