King Baron Corbin recently spoke with The Houston Chronicle to promote Sunday’s Falls Count Anywhere match against Roman Reigns at the WWE Royal Rumble. Corbin said he takes pride in being a true heel when asked what he has to do in order to get legit hate from the WWE fans, as an “old-school bad guy” instead of a “too cool villain.”

“I take pride in being a true heel,” Corbin said. “I take pride in really irritating people in that way so much that they are trying to make up words like ‘go away heat.’ This is actual irritation that I am causing people. And I am trying to do it as much as possible. I don’t want to be cool. I want to walk out and watch people’s faces just turned to anger and frustration. I am getting the middle finger from an 8-year old kid to a 90-year old grandmother.

“I think it is fantastic and I think more people should take pride in that ability. And I do not take cheap shots to get it. I am not a guy that comes out and says ‘your town sucks.’ I take pride in everything I do and just getting that pure hatred from a fan.”

Regarding the feud with Reigns, Corbin was asked what has been his favorite part so far – the dog mascot, the dog food or something else. Corbin said covering Reigns in dog food was a blast, besides the smell.

“Definitely covering him in dog food was a blast aside from the smell – it got on me as well,” Corbin said. “But that level of guttural hatred that I heard when we were doing it was awesome and the moment was right. I think it was old school and it was just nasty. And I think outside the box. It was a lot of fun to do.”

Corbin said the recent dog food segment on SmackDown came together that same night. He continued, “I heard a whisper of it, but thought it was a joke. Then it came to fruition that night, a little bit before it happened. I like it when it is last minute like that and it was it was cool that way.”

Corbin revealed that he couldn’t get rid of the smell of dog food for a week, adding, “If you’ve ever stepped into dog poop, it was like that. No matter how many times you wash your shoes, you smell the dog poop for four days. That is what it was. I smelled that dog food for a solid week. I mean, I showered for an hour. I went home and a couple days later and I was like ‘I smell this dog food.’ It was brutal.”

Corbin, who said his next goal is to win the WWE Universal Title, was also asked how his development in WWE has gone over the past four years. He said he believes he’s solidified himself as a main event talent.

“I think I have solidified myself as a main event player,” Corbin said. “I have been on TV for about two years now and it is hard to get to that main event level, let alone maintain it. And I have managed to stay there for two plus years because I’m always wanting to grow. I’m always wanting to learn. I’m always wanting to create new experiences. You always want to continue to kind of just elevate yourself and I think that’s important. A lot of guys fall behind when they start to believe they’re really good or they’ve reached the top or whatever it is. I’m just never satisfied. So, I think that is one of the things that allows me to continue to grow as a performer. Every time you go out there, you’re going get better or worse. And I try to use that time to get better and it’s really worked out.”

Corbin faces Reigns in a “Falls Count Anywhere” match this Sunday at the WWE Royal Rumble. New subscribers can sign up for the WWE Network today by clicking here and get their first month for free, which includes WWE Royal Rumble as well as WWE Worlds Collide this Saturday.

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