SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley recently spoke with to promote her title defense against Lacey Evans at Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Bayley was asked about her recent heel turn and how she thinks it has been received by the WWE fans, and if she's happy with the reactions she's getting.

"Yeah, it's still very new," Bayley said. "I know some people are still a little torn about it. The kids don't really know what's going on, or they're a little heartbroken. We'll go out to shows, me and Sasha will go out and there are still all these little kids wearing our stuff, and we have to be like, 'No, we don't like you anymore.' So I think it's hit or miss with people. But there's a lot of people that have supported me for years that think this was a good change. So hopefully I just prove that I made the right choice in the long run."

Bayley also revealed that her recent heel turn was an "on-the-fly" deal, but probably the best decision she's made in a long time. She was asked about the heel turn process, who has input when those changes are made, and how far ahead of time it was in the works.

"In that particular situation, it was definitely kind of an on-the-fly kind of thing," Bayley said. "I felt after Hell in a Cell, when I lost the championship to Charlotte, I felt that was a time in my career and in my life that I needed to make a huge change. I didn't want to come back the same person. I didn't want to fight for the same things. I didn't want to represent the same things. So it was really my decision to come out in this whole different attitude and whole different outlook, in a way that I never have before in order to see if I can jump the ladder, make the biggest step that I was always afraid to make. And I had to change everything that I had been doing in the past seven years. I think, for the long run, it's probably the best decision I've made in a really long time."

Bayley revealed that she leaned on Sasha Banks for ideas and advice during the heel turn. She used to go to RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins when they were on the same brand, but now she mainly goes to Scott Dawson and Roman Reigns for feedback. She was asked if she ever bounces ideas off other wrestlers or if she draws from what works and what doesn't work that she sees elsewhere.

"Yeah, definitely. We all have our people that we go to for different things," Bayley said. "For me, when I was going through this whole change, there's only one person I went to, and that was Sasha (Banks). That was just to kind of tell her what I was thinking, how I was feeling, and I know she'll always be honest with me and she always has my best interest at heart. She was really the only one when it came down to this, and I was just like, 'What do you think? Should I do this?' As far as wrestling and ideas and stories and all of that stuff go, I go to Scott Dawson a lot. When I was on the same brand with Seth, we would talk about wrestling all the time. He would help me through my matches. Now it's Scott Dawson, and Roman (Reigns) always watches all the matches, so he always has good feedback. It feels like I've started over, so I'm kind of just trying to figure out what I'm doing first, and then I can go out and branch out for help and ideas."