As noted earlier at this link, WWE officials have reportedly issued an internal memo that says the WWE NXT Women's Title, currently held by Rhea Ripley, should be known as the NXT Title moving forward, getting rid of the gender-specific designation. As of this writing, the title still has the word "Women's" attached to it on the official WWE website, but that could change soon with the new directive.

News of the directive came after RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch appeared on WWE Backstage this week and talked about why she thinks "Women's" should be removed from the women's division and everything associated with it. You can see video of Becky making those comments above.

In an update, The Man took to Twitter this evening and issued a statement to clarify her comments from Tuesday night on FS1.

"I wasn't advocating for any changes in title names or anything else (like I'd have the power)---but simply an equal volume of opportunities that are based on skill, and not gender. The term 'women' can limit openings because phrases like, 'there's already a women's match on the show' is still in wrestling's historical DNA. We're all just Superstars who want our shots and places on the shows if we earn and deserve them. I'd simply love us to get to a place where there's three 'women's matches' on PPV, or ten... or none if it so happens we're not serving the audience," Lynch wrote.

You can see Becky's full tweet with statement below: