Big Show Reveals Number Of Surgeries He Underwent While Away From WWE, How His Faith Was Tested

As noted, the first WWE RAW of 2020 saw WWE veteran Big Show return to be the mystery partner for Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens for the six-man main event against Seth Rollins and The Authors of Pain. The match ended in chaos to set up the "Fist Fight" six-man match for next Monday's RAW. This was Show's first match since November 2018.


Above is post-RAW video of Sarah Schreiber talking to The World's Largest Athlete about how rough his situation has been for the past year and a half. Show, who has done some acting while away from WWE, revealed that he underwent 5 hip surgeries during that time period. Show also talked about how his faith was really tested while away.

"Tonight was amazing," Show said. "After going through 5 hip surgeries in a year and a half, to be able to take a phone call from a friend, a peer in the business, to come out in front of this incredible crowd tonight, and get back in the ring in almost a year and a half, and be competitive... I'm just extremely humbled and grateful.

"They say what doesn't break you makes you stronger, and I think my faith in my career, and my faith in myself, and my faith in this business was tested for the past 2 years, like it's never been tested before, and I'm just extremely grateful for the fans, and we'll see what happens next week."


That's when Schreiber informed Big Show of next week's Street Fight against Rollins and AOP. Show found humor in the booking when Schreiber asked if Rollins, Akam and Rezar will be ready.

"Let me get this right. Somebody wanted a fist fight with me in the match? Somebody doesn't like AOP or Seth Rollins, Oh, my gosh, that's funny. Thank you," Show said, looking at his fist before walking off and laughing.

On a related note, WWE still has Big Show listed on the official SmackDown roster as of this writing.