Booker T conducted a Q&A session on Chris Jericho's Rock N' Wrestling Rager cruise this week. During the session, Booker T was asked about which wrestlers were the stiffest that he's faced in his 30-year in-ring career.

"There's only one guy," Booker T began. "His name has been mentioned many times, as far as a guy you really don't want to mess with. Probably one of, if not, the toughest guy in the wrestling business - feared around the world and that was Haku."

Continuing with legends he has faced, of all the tag teams he has faced with his brother Stevie Ray during their Harlem Heat days, he named The Nasty Boys as one tag team in particular that he loved facing.

"Oh, man, favorite tag team to face definitely The Nasty Boys," Booker T announced. "I'm literally lobbying for The Nasty Boys to get to the Hall of Fame this year because they deserve it."

During his time in the WCW, Booker T's gimmick began to inspire a new era of wrestling. Booker T stated that he wouldn't have been able to do it without the many great men who stood across the ring from him. One name, in particular, stood above the rest.

"It's not talked about a lot, but the matches that put me on the map was with Chris Benoit in the best of seven series," Booker T addressed. "God rest him and his families soul. Chris Benoit was literally, the greatest wrestler that I ever had the pleasure of being inside the ring with. He was one of the best wrestlers, if not, the best to put on a pair of boots. He brought out the best of every guy that got in the ring with him. Anyone who got in the ring with Benoit was a better person when they walked out of the ring, trust me."

Booker T continued his stories about Benoit and their famous seven series match and how both men were so focused on changing the landscape for wrestlers today.

"For me, as well as Benoit, I never did anything that I had to practice," Booker T stated. " I never went out to the ring and said 'Hey, let's go over this and go over that.' I felt like I was an artist like Picasso. I want to paint that painting right in front of you (the fans). For me, especially with Benoit, with those seven matches, so much of it was ad-lib, so much of that was going out there and working on the fly and kick each others' a**es. I remember in one of those matches with Benoit, I took 31 chops. I literally asked for every one of them. I wanted to see how tough I was that night. That's what the business was. It was going out there and to suspend the imagination for you to go wow, that was really, really awesome and that you believed it."

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