Chris Jericho On If He Signed With AEW Just For The World Title, Bringing Humor To The Ring, Fozzy

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho recently spoke with The Aquarian and was asked if he agreed to join AEW only if they made him the world champion. Le Champion said it doesn't work like that, and he'd never say that. He also referred to the belt as just a prop.


"It doesn't work that way. I would never say that," Jericho responded. "The belt is just a prop anyway. The important thing is how you conduct yourself, how you work in the ring, and how you connect with the audience. That's much more important than having a title."

Jericho was asked about why he left WWE to join AEW, and he noted that AEW has no limits, like uncharted waters right now, and that they don't even know what will happen day to day.

"I did all I could do in WWE," Jericho said when asked why he chose AEW over WWE. "Now I like being part of a company that I'm bringing up from scratch. That appeals to me. I could go back to WWE tomorrow and I know exactly where I'd stand. I prefer being here. There's no limits. It's uncharted waters. We don't even know what's going to happen from day to day at AEW. Also I think the fans like an alternative. Wednesday nights on TV rock now."


Jericho also said his work with AEW will have no impact on his band Fozzy. He was asked what his AEW job does to the band.

"Nothing," Jericho responded. "We're not on tour now. When we start up again after the new album is finished, I'll deal with it."

The interviewer also brought up how Jericho always bring humor to the ring. The AEW World Champion said that's who he is.

"It's who I am," Jericho said. "You can never take yourself too seriously. Especially in this business. People don't like that. Plus, if I can't insult myself, who can I insult? I like to bust my own balls. People respond to that."