Cody Rhodes Shares Great WWE Royal Rumble Story About The Undertaker

During his-first ever Royal Rumble match, Cody Rhodes thought it would be a great idea to face off with The Undertaker shortly after he entered the match at #13.

Rhodes shared his experience with The Undertaker at the 2008 WWE Royal Rumble during an interview with Inside the Ropes.

"I see Undertaker in the corner, and I thought, f–k it, I'm gonna do it," Rhodes said. "I run over and hit this man as hard as I have ever hit anyone and in the back of the head. I felt him stop, head turn, and now i know I am the bad guy. All of a sudden he just goozles me around the neck and I'm thinking I'm going up, and he goes, 'kick me in the knee'. I kick him in the knee and he goes 'dropkick me'! I get so excited, I jump up, I dropkick him and he takes a bump! You can see I didn't know what to do, the goal is to get the guy out of the match but I'm not going to pick him up, so I just stood there and then went into the corner and started fake punching someone (else).

Rhodes noted that his respect for Taker hit a new level after that match.

"After that, Taker was God to me. Everything about this guy is about giving back. He really did not need to do that. I love the Undertaker."

Rhodes also told another story regarding that match. At one point, WWE Hall of Famers Jimmy Snuka and Rowdy Roddy Piper were in the ring and renewed their legendary rivalry from the 1980s.

"Piper's music hit and the Garden just comes alive! In the ring to feel it was so cool," Rhodes said. "Piper never cared about anything, just a wild man. He gets on the apron, with the camera right on him and he points at Jimmy Snuka and just goes 'You motherf–ker!'. You then see this awkward cut from the Manhattan centre in Raw 1993 and it's not even the same show, you can openly see (CM) Punk and (John) Morrison laughing hysterically. The Royal Rumble is just such a cool match."

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