On the new WWE Break It Down series, Drew McIntyre told a story a story about how he got his last name “McIntyre”. McIntyre’s real last name is Galloway, which he used when he was released by WWE in 2014.

“Stephanie McMahon said to myself and Michael Hayes, ‘is Drew Galloway your real name?’. I said ‘yeah’, and she’s like we might need to change that. I’m on in like the next two matches, maybe 10 minutes max,” McIntrye said. “So myself and Michael Hayes rush to the back straight to talent relations. He quickly told them bring up Wikipedia of a bunch of Scottish names. We went from ‘A’ all the way through.

“I listened to these names in a very limited time frame to get a new name. It was ‘McDonald’ first. He liked [it], and I went nope, ‘Drew McDonald’, can’t be him. I need three syllables. Fans have to chant when I’m good one day, and he said, ‘Mc-in-tyre’ and I said ‘Mcintyre’. ‘Mc-in-tyre’. That’s the one.”

McIntrye also noted how last minute the decision was pointing out what the titantron had when he made his entrance.

“We went straight back to gorilla, and he quickly told the ring announcer, ‘his name’s Drew McIntrye now’,” McIntyre said. “And if you look closely, the screen behind me you may catch some of the Galloway on the screen because the titantron said Drew Galloway.”

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