As one of the grizzled veterans of Impact Wrestling, Eddie Edwards was around back when it was still called TNA. So he has to be one of the people most excited for Impact’s upcoming throwback TNA pay-per-view.

During a pre-Hard to Kill media scrum, Edwards was asked what he hopes to see out of that retro PPV by Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman.

“It’s an opportunity for us, as fans, to see people return and give some nostalgia of when TNA first started,” said Edwards. “I don’t wanna say names but The Wolves vs. The North is a match I would love to have. Never say never. The Ultimate-X match would be nice to have. Just to have that feeling to invite the fans back and take that trip back in time to a throwback.”

Edwards added that they should also bring back some funny stuff from Impact’s past and said it will be a great show and event.

As for a possible Wolves reunion, Edwards discussed his ongoing conversations with Davey Richards.

“We talk occasionally. He’s doing his own thing and becoming a doctor and has a great life outside,” revealed Edwards. “We haven’t talked and spoke in great detail about coming back but I know he was planning on coming back. He’s done a couple of indie shows and Dave is my brother and I would love to see him back in wrestling. He’s someone I owe a whole lot of my career to and I wouldn’t be where I am without him. I miss him and I would love him to be back. But whatever he needs to do to be happy is what I want him to do.”

Impact kicked off 2020 with their Hard to Kill pay-per-view and Edwards discussed where he sees Impact Wrestling going in the new year.

“It’s still a relatively new company as far as working with AXS TV and ownership and all of that. I feel that every time we have an event, we go out there and kill it. Each and every time we step our game up and this will be no different. It’s important for us to kick off the year right and to show that we have the momentum going forward,” Edwards said before adding that it’s important that everyone is on the same page and that no one is working against each other.

“We know that companies aren’t gonna change overnight. But it’s a steady climb and we have steadily climbed and clawed at each step of the way. I’m very excited for Hard to Kill but I’m also very excited for what we have laying ahead this year. The sky is the limit and I’m looking forward to tomorrow which is step one of many steps going forward.”

Edwards recently celebrated his sixth year anniversary with Impact and he was asked about becoming a locker room leader for younger talent.

“I think it’s something that it just kind of happens. Guys will come up to you and ask for your opinion as at this point I’ve been here the longest,” revealed Edwards. “In wrestling we’ve always been taught that you go up to someone who’s been doing it longer and you ask for their advice. That’s the way I was brought up and today things are different so it’s not as much so that way. But in our locker room it is. Guys and girls are very open and we try to help each other out. I’m more than happy to fulfill that role and help people out that haven’t been here. Also helping them work a TV style as it’s a whole different style than the independents a lot of people have done before.”

He added that his opinion is just his opinion but he does like to have input on matches and promos. He is also not offended if talent choose not to take his advice.

“In this the locker room we have a great community. We all go to each other and ask for opinions. Tommy Dreamer is my Yoda as I go to him and ask his opinion. That’s the way it is in the locker room for a lot of people. If I can do that for someone then I’m honored. Being a locker room leader or veteran, that’s something I always wanted since I first started wrestling. I wanted to be loved and revered by the fans but I wanted to be respected by my peers also,” stated Edwards.

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