Ember Moon Reveals How She Suffered Her Injury During A Brief WWE 24/7 Title Chase Segment

WWE SmackDown Superstar Ember Moon recently appeared on the "Hall of Fame" podcast with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and revealed that she suffered her Achilles injury while chasing for the WWE 24/7 Title, back when it was held by Carmella. R-Truth is the current champion.

Moon revealed that she suffered the injury during the September 24 SmackDown episode while making a brief appearance for the title chase. That SmackDown episode saw then-24/7 Champion Carmella team with Charlotte Flair for a loss to Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley. After the match, a group of female Superstars, including Moon, rushed the ring but Truth helped Carmella escape with the title as the chase continued.

"I'm getting ready to do SmackDown the next day and they were like, 'Hey, Ember, you're in the 24/7 Title run because Carmella won the night before'. And I was like, 'Y'all sure? Y'all sure y'all need me for that?!' You know whats weird is like when you know you have a bad feeling about something? So I had a feeling and I was like 'oooh, do we?' But, ya know what, team player, screw it. I got this. I'm in," Ember said. (H/T to Pro Wrestling Sheet)

She continued, "We do the run through and I told Truth, I was like, 'Truth, you better run, I'm gonna catch you, Truth. If I catch you, I'm tackling you and you're going down.' And so when we actually did it, I literally caught them right before we went through the curtain. So they go through the curtain and they didn't realize how close I was behind them. As I'm coming through, the curtain shuts, I open it, go through. Truth is dropping Carmella and I'm going full speed and I had to hit the brakes. I was just like, 'whoah,' BOOM, and I felt a pop."

Ember went on to reveal that she didn't realize how bad the injury was for a few days, and even flew from San Francisco, CA to Dallas, TX without any swelling. She went to a doctor once she realized that her foot wasn't working right.

It was believed that Moon may have suffered the injury during her September 23 RAW loss to Lacey Evans, but now we know she was injured during a brief 24/7 Title segment the next night.

Moon confirmed during the November 19 edition of WWE Backstage on FS1 that she was expected to be out of action indefinitely because of the torn Achilles. She noted that doctors told her a wide range of potential return dates, and it's been reported that she could be out for at least a year.

Stay tuned for updates on Ember's WWE status. You can see her interview with Booker above.