It looked like a WWE fan tried to rush the ring during tonight’s RAW from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but it was just an extra who “spooked” security into stopping him from entering the ring.

The incident happened after AJ Styles made his exit following his singles win over Akira Tozawa. Styles stood around and took his time as he posed for the crowd, getting boos as he mocked Randy Orton. Styles finally made his exit before the commercial break but the camera caught a quick shot of WWE officials and ringside security tackling what appeared to be a fan, in the ring. The camera quickly cut to a crowd shot as RAW returned to commercial.

RAW then returned from the commercial break for a segment with Lana, Bobby Lashley and their wedding officiant from last week, who was played by actor Rick Malone. RAW announcer Vic Joseph explained that the run-in off was actually the officiant entering the ring for the next segment. Correspondents at the arena noted that Malone entered the ring earlier than expected and security didn’t realize what was happening, so they tackled him.

Stay tuned for updates on what happened at tonight’s RAW.

Below is a fan tweet with footage of the incident: