Former WWE Writer On How Vince McMahon Would Deal With Wrestlers Falling Asleep On A Plane

Jensen Karp, a former writer for WWE, recently appeared on's Swing & Mrs. show to talk about his time working with the company. During part of the discussion, Karp opened up about various instances where JBL [formerly known as simply, 'Bradshaw'] called him derogatory names as opposed to learning his actual name.

"Well, I didn't [deal with it]. I left [WWE]. I've been pretty vocal about Bradshaw [JBL], and I haven't hid it on Twitter," Karp said. "I think he was, in the grand scheme of things, nice to me compared to other people. But calling me 's–t head' for six months and not wanting to learn my real name – it's so degrading.

"At a certain point you're like, 'You know I have to be creative for this show. The more you make me feel bad, it makes it bad content. So, you're affecting the show.'"

Karp also recalled a time when WWE CEO Vince McMahon would choose to throw almonds at employees that fell asleep while traveling with him. Karp says that because he knew that this could possibly happen to him, he made certain to never sleep on the plane.

"And I don't know if this is my fault, I don't think it is... But the first few times I would go on the private plane, I would see Vince throw almonds at people who fell asleep," Karp revealed. "And Vince was very nice to me so I shouldn't have put together that almonds were going to hit me at some point, although they probably would have. He was sweet to me, but at the same time I was so nervous to have almonds thrown at me or any bullying because I wasn't a bully. I was the opposite; I was being bullied. So I was so nervous to be on that plane that I never fell asleep on it."

You can listen to the full clip below: