Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. was on this week’s WWE Backstage panel along with Renee Young, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, Xavier Woods, and Ember Moon. During his appearance, Prinze spoke about how he initially got his job with WWE and the promo class he ran while he was there. Prinze also went to “Promo School” against Xavier Woods where he threw a jab at CM Punk.

In regards to how he started with WWE, Prinze was backstage at WrestleMania and was talked to by WWE management about possibly coming into the company.

“WWE management kind of surrounded me,” Prinze said. “They asked me my thoughts on the brand and I gave some answers, and everyone said, ‘Yo, you need to talk to Vince [McMahon].’ I was all set to talk. I was living in New York, getting ready to go to Stanford, to Titan Tower and they still had the gym there with the neon purple lights where Hulk Hogan worked out. So I was hyped. They said, ‘Before you meet with Vince, you have to meet with Steph.’ I was like, ‘Oh, it’s like an audition, okay.’ So, I went in, fortunately Steph was around the teenage years when She’s All That came out, so it was an easy sell. I got the job and I got to meet Vince the next day. I loved my time there.”

Prinze then talked about when he ran a promo class in WWE, and the first day he did it, not many Superstars showed up.

“Not a lot of people showed up, they weren’t trying to have it,” Prinze said. “By the end we were 30 deep. In the beginning it was just a few people, and a guy we all know and love: The Miz. The Miz and I?he did not like me, and he goes, ‘What are you gonna teach me about acting?’ I said ‘Listen man, I know I’m not Robert Downey Jr., but Robert Downey Jr. don’t give a damn about y’all. I do. So let me teach you what I know and let’s try to build something special.’ And I always felt like we really did.”

Prinze also did a “Promo School” segment with Xavier Woods and referenced CM Punk during his promo, “There’s one guy, CM Punk, and he works less for the company than Brock Lesnar.”

CM Punk will be on next Tuesday’s WWE Backstage after being away for about a month.

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