John Morrison On How It Felt Returning To A WWE Ring, Tyler Breeze Debuts On WWE 205, Lacey Evans

- As noted, John Morrison appeared on MizTV with good friend and former tag team partner The Miz this week to open SmackDown, and then had a confrontation with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day. This led to Morrison taking out at Big E at ringside, allowing Miz to defeat Kofi Kingston in a singles rematch from last week. It was later announced that next week's SmackDown from Greensboro will see Morrison vs. Big E in singles action. Above is post-show video of Kayla Braxton talking to Miz and Morrison. She congratulated Miz on the victory and mentioned Morrison being an advantage.


"Advantage? I mean honestly, like, I just cannot believe that he's back," Miz said of Morrison. "You're an advantage. I mean if you look at him, you've seen my abs by the way. I feel like I could grate cheese on these bad boys," Miz joked before they compared abs.

Morrison added, "We're feeling pretty good, we're back."

Kayla also asked Morrison how good it felt to be back in the ring for the first time in 8 years.

"Eight years? I mean this has got to be the best night in 8 years that they have ever had. No, I'm just kidding. Honestly, that I've ever had," Morrison confessed. "I'm joking around a lot but really it touches your heart to be out there under the lights, to be out there with The Miz, with Mike, to be out there with everybody and it's cliche to say it feels like home, but it feels like home."


Miz recalled how they've grown together and said everyone else in WWE should be jealous.

"You know, it's funny coming back fro like, God I was like what... 2007, 2008, 2009, those years were some of the best years of our life," Miz said. "Like, we grew up in this business together, elevating one another to get better, to be better, and now we're back again. So, all I can say to everyone out here in WWE, is be jealous."

- Lacey Evans will be appearing on next Wednesday's episode of The Bump on the WWE Network and WWE Digital platforms.

Evans vs. Sasha Banks was originally announced for this week's SmackDown, but Banks "no-showed" as it was said by her partner that she was in Los Angeles working on her rap album. Evans e ended up getting attacked by SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley, and seems to be building to a big singles match with Banks or Bayley, perhaps for the title.

- This week's WWE 205 Live episode from Evansville, Indiana saw WWE NXT Superstar Tyler Breeze make his debut for the cruiserweight brand. Breeze won the main event over Tony Nese. Fandango was not with him, but he recently underwent Tommy John surgery on his elbow.

WWE has indicated that Breeze will continue to work 205 Live while on the NXT roster, but nothing has been officially announced. Breeze remains on the NXT roster as of this writing.


Below are a few shots from this week's debut, which Breeze and Nese are already being praised for: