Legendary WWE superstar and the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, Glenn Jacobs (Kane), recently took some time to speak with SI.com about how being in the WWE prepared him for the world of politics. Kane says that his former tag team partner, Daniel Bryan, was one individual that challenged his political beliefs and helped him grow in the process.

“Bryan and I are on such opposite ends of the political spectrum,” Kane said. “But we respect each other as human beings and value each other’s opinions, so we had conversations and learned from each other. I learned a lot from Bryan, even if we didn’t always agree.

“Working with Bryan was probably the most fun I had in my entire wrestling career; that was because I was working with Daniel Bryan.”

Kane gives Bryan credit for the success that “Team Hell No” saw when bringing his typically dark and somber character into the world of comedy.

“I can’t say enough about the guy and his talent. Kane was a very dark, serious character, but Daniel Bryan changed all that. That was such a refreshing change for me. If you told people in 1999 that Kane was going eventually going to be in some of the funniest segments of the show, they wouldn’t have believed you,” Kane said. “I was able to show off a side of Kane that wasn’t so dark, and that was all due to Bryan.”

Kane still keeps up with WWE despite not performing as often as he once did. He noted how excited he is for the continuation of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan’s current storyline.

“It’s going to be extremely entertaining,” Kane explained. “Bray Wyatt is doing a tremendous job with ‘The Fiend’ character, he’s one of the hottest things in WWE. And what can I say about Bryan? He’s the consummate professional and a tremendous performer. That is going to be such a great story.”

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