AEW star Kenny Omega responded to a fan's opinion this afternoon that involved current NXT Champion Adam Cole.

The fan's opinion was that Adam Cole's overall look was better as well as his promo work. The fan did call Omega an "excellent storyteller."

The fan's full tweet was, "I'm a huge Kenny Omega fan but I have to disagree and say Adam Cole is far better in regards to promo work and his overall look. As far as in-ring work both are excellent storytellers."

Kenny Omega's response was, "I'm jacked to all hell and Adam Cole is dead. Unless you're like, into that sorta thing...."

Before Omega went to AEW and Cole to WWE, they were both Bullet Club members until Kenny Omega fired Adam Cole from the group at ROH War of the Worlds in 2017.

Below you can see Omega's tweet: