Earlier today, Kenny Omega did a Q&A with fans on his Twitter account.

"I rarely speak outside of shows or use social media but I'll open the floodgates and answer some non-troll questions for the next 20 minutes or so," Omega wrote. "If there's something you were curious about, have at it. Please be polite and/or kind or you'll be promptly blocked."

First up, Omega was asked who he considered to be the face of the AEW Women's division. Omega also noted we haven not seen the last of Yuka Sakazaki in AEW.

"Still developing the face of the division, but Riho's proven to be an inspiration to many, Shida is the complete package, and Kris has shown that she has the tools to take the div to another level," Omega commented.

During his time in NJPW, Omega was at the very top of the card, main eventing NJPW's biggest events and even holding the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. One fan asked him why he's taken more of a backseat role with AEW.

"I lived out mostly all of my dreams during the last run I had and now a big part of my current dream is seeing a new generation thrive," Omega responded.

Speaking of NJPW, Omega noted that if AEW and NJPW ever did have crossovers, he'd like to face Shingo Takagi, someone he has yet to wrestle. Omega was then asked about this year's Wrestle Kingdom 14 being two days.

"Was fun to have two incredibly large scale shows to look forward to back to back," Omega wrote.

Tessa Blanchard has been a popular topic among fans, especially in regards to WWE or AEW being possibly her next destination.

"She's great, I think the match would rock," Omega said to a question about facing Blanchard in the ring.

At 36 years old, "The Cleaner" also commented on how much longer he'd like to wrestle for.

"I always say 5, but I've been saying that for close to 10 years already," Omega wrote.