Killer Kross Reportedly Could Be On The "Fast Track" In WWE

Earlier this month it was reported that Killer Kross had met with Triple H as it looks like WWE will be Kross' next destination.

Kross requested his release from Impact Wrestling in May of last year over financial and creative differences. He was granted his release last month.

Kross' girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux, signed with WWE last November.

On this morning's Wrestler Observer Radio, it was reported Kross will be given the "fast track" once in WWE. It was speculated that could mean a move straight to the main roster, or getting him on NXT TV with a push.

Dave Meltzer reported that Kross had pulled out on a wrestling date in Australia in three weeks, and had heard Kross wasn't taking booking dates after February 14. So, the move to WWE could take place in just a couple weeks.

Wrestling Inc. spoke with Kross several days ago and his full interview will air on Monday as part of the debut of our new podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the debut episode as soon as it's released on iTunes.