King Corbin was a recent guest on Cheap Heat With Peter Rosenberg, and during the discussion, Corbin opened up about when he decided it was time to cut off all of his hair. He also revealed how treacherous the Gorilla Position can get backstage when conditioners and lotions pool together on the floor.

“It was that time [for it to go]. And also, it’s a nightmare having the long hair because, first of all, you are pouring like 40 gallons of conditioner in there all the time when you are wrestling, otherwise, you are going to choke and die on it,” Corbin explained. “It’s funny because you have to learn the ways of how to deal with your hair, so I got leave-in conditioner the first time and it dried out immediately. So I said, ‘Okay, that didn’t work.’ So you’re out there buying all these kinds of conditioners just to try and keep your hair wet. Gorilla position floor is like a death trap in that vicinity because there is lotion and conditioner all over the floors, so if you have to run into gorilla late, with those last few steps you have to be careful. It’s a dead giveaway when you are out in public and have long hair. [People] immediately gravitate towards you and ask if you are a pro wrestler. So, those are the kinds of conversations that I don’t want to have.”

Corbin says he disliked working in the dress clothes that “Constable Corbin” typically wore, and it was a process of elimination to find the clothes that could adapt to his body moving around so much.

“It was the worst. That collar shirt, it took me like 6 tries to find a collared shirt that I can function in,” Corbin said. “The first one, I threw a punch and then it exploded. The second, I started sweating and it got tighter and tighter; it was horrible. The jeans would get heavy when covered in sweat, but the dress shirt was rough. It just sticks to you and it’s hard to move. I go to Express like every 4 weeks to buy 5 $90 shirts. The cheap ones were awful, you wouldn’t be able to breathe; the nice ones were reusable. I would get like 3 or 4 TV episodes out of one, but I can’t use it for all the live events because they would start to shrink a little bit once you wash them.”

Corbin loves being a villainous heel character in WWE, as he has said many times in the past. He takes pride in scaring fans at live events and bringing a sense of realism to their experiences.

“I love it, I absolutely love it,” Corbin said. “The reactions I get from people [are my favorite]. People are always tough behind the rails and stuff when they say things, and on those live events when you can acknowledge it and you can kind of go at them and watch the change on their faces from ‘I’m funny’ to ‘now I’m scared’, it is very cool. Because they don’t realize how real it can get.”

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.

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