WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston is among the 27 announced entrants into this year’s 30-Man Royal Rumble. This will be his 13th rumble appearance, which is tied for second most with Dolph Ziggler and Goldust. Kane is number one with 19 appearances.

Over the years, Kingston has pulled off some incredibly creative ways to save himself from being eliminated, some of which you can see in the video above.

Along with Big E, Kingston was interviewed by BT Sport and was asked about what “trick” he’ll do at this year’s event. Kingston didn’t seem to appreciate the wording for what he does in the ring and let the interviewer have it.

“What tricks? Did you say what tricks do I have planned for the rumble?” Kingston exclaimed. “This is the way I feed my kids! You understand that? This is how I feed my family. This is how I put food in my family’s mouth. And you think this is a trick? This is my job, sir! This is my life! It’s not a trick, okay? It’s not a stunt, okay?

“I’m trying to win that Royal Rumble to get that winner’s purse. I bet you didn’t know about that? Yeah. You get a little bonus if you win the Royal Rumble. Did you know about that? Not only do you get a one-way ticket to WrestleMania, but you get a bonus.”

You can hear Kingston’s full comments in the clip below.

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