As seen above, tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble go-home edition of RAW saw Matt Hardy take another singles loss, this time to Erick Rowan.

Matt took to Twitter after the show and commented on trending worldwide. He thanked fans for their support and once again teased his upcoming WWE departure.

“WOW! Thanks for all the love & support from around the world,” Matt wrote. “I’m trending #17 worldwide because of my @WWE slump & string of #RAW TV losses. Hope you’re enjoying my #WWE TV appearances.. At this rate there won’t be many more.”

As we’ve noted, Matt’s WWE contract is expiring soon and he will be eligible to wrestle for another promotion on Sunday, March 1. Matt has been in recent contract talks with WWE officials, but it’s been reported that the “major hurdle” between the two sides is not money, but how Matt would be used creatively moving forward. Matt returned to WWE TV in December, but has not won a match since he’s been back.

You can see Matt’s full post-RAW tweet below: