Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight’s show takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of Fusion from New York City. They take us to Alica Atout who informs us that Brian Pillman Jr. was jumped by Injustice , a meet-and-greet earlier in the day, and is questionable for tonight’s Opera Cup matchup against Timothy Thatcher. Footage of the incident is shown. Injustice targets Pillman’s arm, slamming it off of objects nearby. Atout tells us that Pillman suffered a separated shoulder.

Fusion intro.

Recap of Tom Lawlor defeating “Rip” Von Erich on last week’s episode of Fusion, mocking the Von Erich family. Ross and Marshall would run confront Lawlor but got attacked from behind by the Spirit Squad. Back to the arena…Tom Lawlor joins Bocchini and Kirsh at the commentary table for the following tag match. The Spirit Squad (Kenn Doane Mike Mondo) are out first. They’ll be facing the Von Erichs.

Von Erichs versus Spirit Squad

Brawl between all four men to start. The Von Erichs nail Mondo with a double-dropkick. Doane picks Marshall’s leg from the outside and Mondo takes advantage by attacking it. The Spirit Squad takes turns softening up the leg with stiff strikes and submission holds. Marshall creates separation…he makes the hot tag. Ross comes in hot. He hits a frankensteiner on Mike sending him out of the ring. Marshall comes right back inside…Iron Claw/back suplex combo. This one is over quick.

The Von Erichs win by pinfall

Post match “Rip” Von Erich tries to jump the tag champs from behind, but they send him flying out of the ring next to the Spirit Squad. Tom Lawlor immediately flees the commentary table out of embarrassment. Ross and Marshall stand tall and celebrate to end the segment.

Still no update on whether or not Brian Pillman Jr. will be able to compete. Backstage the Von Erichs are being interviewed when Tom Lawlor comes out of nowhere and beats them down. Lawlor lands a few more devastating shots to Marshall’s injured leg.

Promo from Injustice. They mimic CEO Court Bauer pretending that he’s fining them, then say that they better be put into the Opera Cup, since they were alternates. Middlweight champion Myron Reed calls MLW a joke for not putting any of them in the tournament in the first place.

A short video package highlighting Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc’s epic rivalry over the last few weeks is played. Warner hypes up their upcoming barbed wire matchup at the Zero Hour event, which begins next week.

Commentary tells us that Konnan will be returning to MLW in the next segment to address the wrestling universe.

Vignette for Erick Stevens is played.

Alicia Atout is right outside the trainers room where the doctors are attending to Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman comes out and reveals that he’s been medically cleared. He tells Injustice that he’s coming for them, but first he has to get through Timothy Thatcher.

The Contra Unit interrupts the feed. Josef Samael says that soldiers continue to train all around the world. Jacob Fatu threatens to burn Davey Boy Smith Jr’s legacy to the ground, and take the tag titles from the Von Erichs.

Konnan is out to a huge pop. He begins by pumping the crowd up, and puts over MLW’s new relationship with AAA. “I think I found the next big thing,” says Konnan. He introduces Gino Medina, who comes to the ring. Konnan says he’s watched Gino grow up in dressing rooms all over the world. Gino accuses Konnan of using him. Konnan interrupts by saying that the one using him is that “rat” Salina de la Renta. This prompts Salina to come out. She takes a jab at Konnan’s lack of a sex-life. Konnan fires back and reminds Gino of the things she’s done to Low Ki, and the contracts with the Lucha Bros.

Dynasty is here. MJF, Richard Holliday, and National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone fill the ring. MJF to Gino: “Listen to me pal. There’s a reason that I’m the only talent in this industry that doesn’t just have one top contract…but two Elite ones.” This prompts the crowd to start a “Cody” chant. Holliday takes over. “When Dynasty is in the building…you’re all breathing our air.” It’s decision making time. Gino looks at Salina, then at Dynasty, then Salina. He shakes Konnan’s hand. IT WAS A RUSE. He attacks Konnan, and starts stomping him down along with Dynasty. Salina fleas. They all bump fists. Gino is now a member of Dynasty.

A look back at the Opera Cup tournament thus far. Hart Foundation member Davey Boy Smith Jr. won his way into the finals and faces the winner of tonight’s main event. Victories included are one over Dynasty’s Alexander Hammerstone. Timothy Thatcher advanced after a victory over Richard Holliday, and Brian Pillman snuck past TJP.

Main event time. Pillman Jr. is out first. He’s still holding his arm from Injustice’s earlier attack. Thatcher is next. Here we go.

Brian Pillman Jr. versus Timothy Thatcher Opera Cup Semifinal

Pillman takes the fight right to Thatcher. The world-renowned grappler immediately targets Pillman’s banged up shoulder, stomping on it repeatedly and whipping it into the mat. He grounds Pillman with multiple submission holds, which include stiff shots to the gut everytime Pillman tries to escape. Modified cobra clutch applied. Pillman eventually builds a surge of adrenaline and traps Thatcher in the corner. Uppercuts…Thatcher shakes it off but walks right into a snap powerslam for a nearfall. Pillman goes for his signature neckbreaker…Thatcher has it scouted and smothers Pillman with strikes. Pillman pushes him off and goes to the top for a reverse crossbody…Thatcher reverses the momentum…two count. Thatcher retakes control with a double-underhook suplex. Thatcher catches Pillman in the armbar…Pillman in trouble…he manages to turn the hold into a school boy pin…he got him!

Brian Pillman Jr. wins by pinfall and advances to the Opera Cup Finals

Crowd gives Pillman a nice ovation for the underdog victory. Commentary tells us that Pillman will face fellow Hart Foundation member Davey Boy Smith Jr. in next week’s finals.

That’s the show friends.