Welcome to Wrestling INC’s recap of Major League Wrestling’s weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight’s show takes place from the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

A brief look at the history of the Opera Cup, and the early outcomes of this year’s tournament. Today’s final will pit Davey Boy Smith Jr. against fellow Hart Foundation member Brian Pillman Jr. Smith defeated Low Ki and Alexander Hammerstone, while Pillman snuck past TJP and Timothy Thatcher.

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to another edition of MLW Fusion. They hype the evening’s card, which includes a grudge match between Savio Vega an Gino Median.

Stronghearts member El Lindaman makes his way to the ring for our opening contest, which will be for the MLW Middleweight championship. The champ Myron Reed is out next, followed by the rest of Injustice (Jordan Oliver & Kotto Brazil). A promo of Reed saying that he is at war with the system, and that he wants more gold is played.

El Lindaman versus Myron Reed for the MLW Middleweight Championship

Reed lands a sucker punch but Lindaman is barely effected. Lindaman traps Reed in the corner and hits a chop onto Reed’s chest protector, followed by a flatliner. Headlock applied. Lindaman releases the hold and stomps Reed several times. Scoop slam by Lindaman for a nearfall. He goes for a Boston crab…Brazil and Oliver jump on the apron causing a distraction. Reed takes advantage and rolls Lindaman up…two count. Back suplex and springboard leg drop from Reed. He chokes Lindaman in the corner with a boot. Reed goes for a suplex…Lindaman blocks it…Reed changes course and rocks Lindama with a forearm. Lindaman bounces off the ropes and nails Oliver and Brazil with a suicide dive. Reed tries to follow him but ends up taking out his own guys. Lindaman back in…tope con hilo takes out the lot! Back in the ring…Reed ducks a lariat…Lindaman fires back with stiff corner elbows, then hits a flush dropkick. Cover…Reed stays alive. German suplex…Reed lands on his feet but Lindaman quickly executes another one and this time it connects. He calls for his finisher…Reed counters into a stunner. Springboard ace-crusher. He picks Lindaman up…elevated reverse DDT. Lindaman kicks out. Reed goes to the apron for a springboard attack…Lindaman surprises him with a dropkick. Modified driver…Reed kicks out again. He slides to the entrance path….Reed jumps in and hits a cutter! Springboard 450. Reed wins.

Myron Reed wins by pinfall to retain the MLW Middleweight championship

Cut to an interview with Alicia Atout and Brian Pillman Jr. Pillman reveals that he has a shoulder separation, but chose not to get it medically treated because it would have taken him out of the Opera Cup. Pillman calls out Injustice for their attack, but assures that they couldn’t get the job done. “I won’t lay there for you. I’ll go into the finals against Davey Boy Smith Jr and I’ve got nothing else to lose.” Atout asks what’s going through Pillman’s mind ahead of his finals against his mentor Smith. “This isn’t about the Hart Foundation anymore. This is about two guys. This is about two generational wrestlers. I’m going to prove to Davey Boy…I’m going to prove to the entire Hart family, and I’m going to win the Opera Cup.”

Advertisement for Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc’s no-rope barbed wire match. It’s announced as next week’s main event.

King Mo says it doesn’t matter who wins the Opera Cup, because whoever it is, they still need to face him. He then calls out champion Jacob Fatu, and says he’s coming for his title.

Recap of last week, when Gino Medina betrayed Konnan and joined Dynasty. Cut to Dynasty…they’re all sharing champagne. MJF asks where the giant is. Hammerstone says that he was a gift. Gino Medina says Konna used to be the Hulk Hogan of Mexico. Hammerstone responds by calling Konnan a “has been.” They then all join fists Dynasty style.

A preview for MLW Fightland, which will feature the return of LA Park, and will include Jacob Fatu defending the world title against CIMA.

Back to the arena…Gino Medina makes his way out for our next contest. He’ll be facing Savio Vega…who is out second with a kendo-stick. A promo from Vega…he says that they’ll be facing each other in a street fight, and he plans on exacting some revenge for Konnan.

El Gino Medina versus Savio Vega Street Fight

Vega lights Medina up with kendo stick shots. Medina quickly escapes to the outside. He pushes Vega into the ringpost, then grabs the kendo stick to do some damage. Huge chop to Vega’s chest. Vega reverses an Irish-Whip and Median cracks off the post. Vega throws a trash can into the ring. He uses a chair on Medina and throws him into the ring. Medina grabs the trash can and smashes it off of Vega’s back. Back and forth striking…Vega uses a stop sign and a trash can lid to sandwich Medina’s head. Medina shakes it off and retakes control…running knee to the back of Vega’s head. Another striking exchange…Vega with a vicious combo. He bounces Medina off the ropes…huge chop for a two count. Medina lands a few more shots…Vega chokes him instead of going for a cover.

Fight spills to the outside. Vega with more kendo-stick shots. He uses a hockey stick but Medina gets ahold of it and breaks it off Vega’s back. He wraps a chair around Vega’s head and whips him into the ringpost. He rolls him to the inside for a cover…Vega isn’t finished yet. He builds up momentum…back body drop. Pace picks up…Vega partially connects with his Caribbean kick. He goes for a second but Medina dodges it. Vega eventually hits it and has the match won but Dynasty distract him from the entrance path. Low blow from Medina…enziguri…that’ll do it.

Gino Medina wins by pinfall

Flashback to last week when Tom Lawlor attacked the Von Erich brothers backstage after their victory over the Spirit Squad.

Interview with Davey Boy Smith Jr. “You know something back in 1948…71 years ago…that was the last time the Opera Cup was won by my grandfather Stu Hart.” He then addresses Pillman. “I’d like to think I had a helping hand in your career. I see that passion, and that burning desire in you, and yes you are apart of my family. But tonight…tonight this means business.”

Commentary team hypes up the Mance Warner and Jimmy Havoc barbed wire match. Another advertisement for MLW Fightland.

Main event time. Brian Pillman Jr. is out first. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is second. Opera Cup finals…here we go.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. versus Brian Pillman Jr. Opera Cup Finals

Tie-up. Each man trades wristlocks. Smith has the clear power advantage. Pillman locks in a headlock…Smith tries to bounce him off the ropes but Pillman keeps it applied. Smith connects with elbows to the midsection to break the hold. Shoulder tackle sends Pillman to the mat. Smith stretches Pillman’s arms behind his back targeting the injured shoulder. Pillman uses his body to reverse the pressure…Smith turns it back but Pillman uses his feet to boot Smith away. Dropkick sends Smith to the outside. Pillman jumps to the apron and boots Smith down, then hits a mini-springboard maneuver. Huge chop to Smith’s chest by Pillman. He brings the action back inside. After landing a few shots Pillman comes off the ropes…Smith surprises him with a big boot. Fight moves back to the outside. Smith whips him hard into the steel barricade.

Back in the ring Smith continues to soften Pillman up. He stomps him in the gut. Big forearm into Pillman’ back. Fans try to rally Pillman back into the match. Pillman blocks a suplex but Smith forces him into a corner and chops him. Smith climbs to the top for a leg drop…Pillman moves! Pillman finally recovers…big right hands and a roundhouse kick rocks Smith. Snap-suplex for a nearfall. They get to their feet…backslide pin from Pillman…two count. Both men trade cradle pins…fans give an ovation for the sequence. Sunset flip pin…another fun sequence of pins. Pillman rolls out…superkick. He sets Smith up…knee to the face. Pillman goes to the apron…springboard lariat connects. Cover…Smith JUST kicks out. Pillman tries for a top rope crossbody…Smith ducks it. He picks Pillman up…running powerslam…only two. Smith can’t believe it…he tries for another pin…again two.

Both men taunt each other. They trade slaps. Smith hits a jumping tombstone and climbs to the top…diving headbutt. Pillman somehow kicks out. Smith gets frustrated…powerbomb and stack…not over. Smith goes for the crossface…Pillman shows great fight but eventually has to submit.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. wins by submission and wins the Opera Cup

Afterwards Smith celebrates as fans throw streamers. He poses with the Opera Cup, a symbol that has meant so much to his family. He tells the camera…”it’s about pride, passion, and determination.”

That’s the show friends.