As previously noted, WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods recently participated in a social media Q&A session on their podcast, The New Day: Feel The Power. Among many other things, the trio talked about whether the New Day entrance theme created by Mega Ran and Wale will ever see the light of day.

Apparently, Mega Ran and Wale collaborated with The New Day to make new entrance music for Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship match versus Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35. Big E indicated that the group got to be friends with Mega Ran through Woods.

"We reached out, we have many very talented friends, and Woods has known Mega Ran for quite some time and we, through Woods, have known Mega Ran for a while. Yes, also Wale, Grammy nominated Wale, dropping jewels, dropping classics, over all these years." Big E added, "so Mega Ran worked on the beat with a good friend of his and we also reached out to Wale."

According to Kingston, working with Mega Ran and Wale was "amazing" and the result was a "majestic" track that was meant to accompany a WrestleMania entrance inspired by African warriors.

"We reached out to Wale and Mega Ran and the creative process for that was just so amazing going back and forth and them coming through with an example of what they want to do, a sample, and then us nitpicking a little bit, and then sending it back." Kingston explained, "we were going to dress up in African warrior-inspired entrance gear. And we would come out and we wanted to have African dancers surround us doing different kinds of African dance. And we come through the dancers and then we start kind of vibing with them. And then, we start walking forward and behind them and all of us, we would have people of all different ethnicities, body types, shapes and sizes, old, young come out behind us. I'm talking 50 deep. Do you know what I mean? All wearing old Kofi Kingston shirts all the way up to New Day shirts, so all the different kinds of shirts that we had, we're going to have them all rep that because it was all of us that came together for this moment."

Woods suggested that The New Day did not get to do the entrance they wanted because they were not rocketstrapped.  

"I think the biggest thing about it from my standpoint, because, like, you guys know, like, I'm always trying to think, 'how does this work from a storytelling aspect?' Like, what does every little piece mean? And having everything in that entrance and us just, like, sending you off to go get your prize, but, like, everyone is sending you on because there is such a difference in a performer as we say in the [pro wrestling] business, you can get the rocket and that just means, okay, you come in, you get booked well, you become IC Champion, you become Heavyweight Champion, and then, you stay up in the top of the card. You obviously worked hard for what you got, and I wish everyone could get the rocket, but 90% of people don't get the rocket. 98% of people don't get the rocket, so it's a totally different kind of grind to get to that point where you're fighting for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania without the rocket, it's a very different vibe." Woods continued, "and so to kind of not be able to kind of put our stank on it, obviously, still like, top 10 moments of my life, just being out there watching that happen, but I feel like it just would have added so much to the moment, especially because the moment would never be recreated ever again."

As Big E's old catchphrase was "three ain't enough", the question was asked whether The New Day would add more members. Kingston responded in the negative.  

"To me, adding anybody into the group makes the group completely different and that is the worst to me," Kingston professed. "And I always use this example. We're going to talk about soup, okay? Because if you have tomatoes and water, you've got yourself a little bit of a tomato soup. But if you add a little cream to it, you have a tomato bisque. It's not the same. It's similar! It's similar! But it ain't the same thing, so, to me, adding anybody into the group is a hard no from me unless you want to call it something completely different and end the group."

Big E, who admitted in the past to feeling "disrespected" by WWE when he was replaced in The New Day by Kevin Owens, shared that the group had long discussed adding Sasha Banks to the group. Woods went on to say that 'KO' would be the worst addition to The New Day.

"As far as women we would add to the group, we talked about for many moons, we talked about Sasha," Big E recalled. "I think that would be a good fit still, I think. Well, she [has] kind of gone down a dark path. Yeah, real dark path. We were born that way. So yeah, maybe not the best fit anymore."

"I think the worst fit would be Kevin Owens," Woods claimed.

On the subject of dream manager, Big E and Kingston agreed that Slick would be their manager while Woods suggested the late great Paul Bearer as the weirdest fit possible for the group.

"Slick! Slick! We've got to have Slick. It just feels right. It feels good." Big E added, "and why? Because he moves well. He [has] got good hips."

"I like that answer," Kingston agreed.

"The worse fit they are, the funnier it is," Woods explained. "I would say Paul Bearer because that would be the weirdest fit with us."

Check out the podcast here or via the embedded player below. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit The New Day: Feel The Power with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.