Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Video package highlighting the feud between world’s champion Nick Aldis and Tim Storm. The two will meet in a tournament qualifier for the Television championship in today’s main event. Footage of Aldis and his new faction attacking Storm. Storm’s promo from last week is shown.

Intro song. (INTO THE FIRE!!!)

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to another edition of NWA Powerrr from Atlanta. They hype Storm versus Aldis, then shoot over to Dave Marquez who has Tim Storm at the interview desk. Storm says that sometimes you get to start the New Year off in a good way, and calls getting another shot at Aldis a gift. Marquez asks Storm if he’ll ever challenge for the world title again. Storm responds by saying he is a man of his word, but looks forward to kicking his ass later. This brings out Aldis, who is accompanied by Kamille. Aldis jabs at Storm, mocking him for already being dressed for their bout while he wears an expensive suit. He says he’s entered the TV title tournament because there is nobody left for him to beat. “I’m warning you now…you better wipe that look off your face because I’m starting to get pissed off,” says Aldis. “Let me make this clear to you…you don’t change your ways…it’s only going to get worse from here.”

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Clips of last week’s promo from NWA National Champion Aron Stevens and his trusty confidante, the Question Mark. They say they are coming for all the gold in the NWA, and they will get it because of their skill in Karate.

Cut to the arena. Stevens makes his way out for a non-title submission match. His opponent…Sal Rinauro…is already in the ring.

Aron Stevens versus Sal Rinauro submission match

Stevens picks Rinauro’s leg bringing him to the mat. Stevens celebrates allowing Rinauro to get to his feet. Judo-throw by Stevens. He plays to the crowd, who is heavily supportive of Rinauro. Beautiful leg-sweep out of nowhere from Stevens…he goes for an armbar but Rinauro quickly gets to the ropes. Stevens yanks at Rinauro’s arm. He charges…Rinauro gets an elbow up. Rinauro off the ropes…Stevens goes for a dropkick…he misses…Rinauro attempts a figure-four…Stevens kicks him into the turnbuckles, then hits a lariat. He locks in a cobra-clutch…Rinauro taps.

Aron Stevens wins by submission

Afterwards Stevens keeps the submission in. Trevor Murdoch runs him off. Stevens goes to the interview desk and says that he’s trying to show the roster why he’s the most dangerous man in the NWA, and that Murdoch spoiled his exhibition. Murdoch says he’s sick of Stevens, and that he got involved at his Into The Fire matchup. Murdoch’s not going to take it anymore. Stevens fires back by stating that he just wants a shot at Stevens championship. “I have no desire,” responds Murdoch. “But I do want to kick your ass.” “This aint some bar,” says Stevens. “This is the NWA. I am a third-degree black belt.” He tells Murdoch that he’ll face him…but only if he puts his spot up in the TV Title tournament. Murdoch agrees.

Commercial for HighSpots.Com.

Back from break…this bout between Murdoch and Stevens is underway.

Trevor Murdoch versus Aron Stevens

Shoulder block by Murdoch. Stevens rolls to the outside to recover, then jumps back in. Stevens goes for a karate kick…Murdoch catches it and drops him with a lariat. Murdoch scoop slams Stevens. He goes for a second one…he hits it. Fans call for a third. Murdoch gives them what they want. Cover…only two. Murdoch stands Stevens up and drops him with a Russian leg-sweep. Submission attempt but Stevens gets to the ropes. Stevens catches Murdoch with a stun gun on the ropes. He mounts Murdoch with a ground and pound. Big knee drop to Murdoch’s head. He goes for the cobra-clutch…Murdoch sends him head first into the turnbuckles. Full-nelson slam from Murdoch. Indian deathlock…Stevens taps!

Trevor Murdoch wins by submission

The Pope interviews Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Kingston calls Homicide his mentor. Pope says that both guys have the ability to become the world tag team champions, and possibly event the world’s champion. They don’t disagree.

A special video package looks back at the end of the Into The Fire PPV, where Aldis retained over James Storm, but was confronted by the Villain Marty Scurll. The package turns into a preview for Hard Times.

Eli Drake’s promo from last week is played. Back to the live feed. Aldis comes out and meets with Joe Galli at the interview desk. He’s asked about his plans for the new year. “I’m standing here and I’m just thinking to myself…I understand that last week was a Xmas episode and maybe I got lost in the sauce, but if you do a little wrestling match you’ll see that it’s two weeks in a row that I’ve been booked without a match. One person is trying to start the conversation about himself, that he might be the greatest world’s champion ever. Is Nick Aldis trying to keep me out of the spotlight? YEAAAAHHH.” Drake says that he agrees with everything Ricky Morton said about Aldis, but that if Aldis doesn’t want to face Morton…Drake is willing to step in the ring. Drake is ready to face anyone and everyone. Colt Cabana comes out. Cabana says he’s sick of Drake running down Ken Anderson. “Ken’s a good guy, and I’m sick of you.” Drake asks Cabana if he wants to be partners and go for the NWA tag team titles. Cabana denies. “Maybe you’re the one who is not a good guy Drake.” Anderson comes out for a fight but Cabana holds him back. Drake screams taunts. Segment ends.

Promo from Thunder Rosa, Melian, and Marti Belle. They talk trash on women’s champion Allysin Kay. Belle talks about her friendship with Kay, and says that she never received any support from her. Cut to Kay, ODB, Tasha Steelz, and Ashley Vox. Kay says that she does still consider Belle a friend, but explains that she was hard on Belle because she wanted the best for her. Vox says a true friend wouldn’t be mad about that. “But she was.”

Back to the ring. Tasha Steelz is in the ring. She’ll be facing Marti Belle, who is accompanied by Melina.

Tasha Steelz versus Marti Belle

Tie-up. Belle rings the arm and grabs the wrist…Steelz reverses the pressure but Belle applies a headlock. Another escape from Steelz…she brings Belle down with a headlock. Belle transitions into a headscissor. Headstand by Steelz. Belle drives her knee into Steelz gut. Irish-whip…Steelz pops over…some misdirection…Belle takes her down with a running knee. Cover…Steelz kicks out. She fires off right hands but Belle slows down Steelz momentum with a lariat. Corner lariat from Belle sets Steelz up for a hip-thrust…Steelz moves and hits an axe-handle smash and a back elbow in succession. European uppercut from Steelz. Swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Belle fires back with a big boot…Steelz hits the cutter out of nowhere for the win.

Tasha Steelz wins by pinfall

Melina is furious at Belle’s loss. She screams at her in front of the live crowd.

They draw names for the next TV tournament matchup. Zicky Dice will face Caleb Conley.

Main event time. Tim Storm is out first to a huge ovation. Nick Aldis is out next but he’s not dressed for a match. He goes to the interview desk. Crowd reigns boos on him. Aldis says he entered into the TV tournament for fun, but Storm has taken all the fun out of it. Fans chant “coward.” He calls the faction he’s created “Strictly Business.” Aldis says he won’t risk being injured in a tournament that isn’t important enough for the real world’s champion. “So I guess that means you get a bye Tim.” Storm says that Aldis has talked and talked and talked. He calls Aldis a coward. Aldis doesn’t like that. He goes to enter the ring but fakes Storm out and goes back to the desk. “Listen it’s a new year…and it’s important to leave the past behind. I’m leaving behind you Storm.” Aldis says that Royce Isaacs will take his place. Isaacs says that he’s not even warmed up, but gets pressured into wrestling.

As a reminder these tournament matches have a six-minute time limit.

Royce Isaacs versus Tim Storm TV Tournament Qualifier

Storm rocks Isaacs with a lariat, then powerslams him. Big right hand and vertical suplex. Storm is fired up. He sends Isaacs across the ring with a fallaway slam. Storm continues to taunt Alids, who watches on from the interview desk. Snapmare and running boot by Storm. Latimer distracts Storm…Isaacs takes advantage and nails an exploder suplex on Storm. He lays into Storm with right hands and chops. Fans try to rally Storm back into the match. Isaacs powerslams Storm and climbs to the middle-rope. Senton misses. Storm makes him pay. Lariat and big boot. Isaacs catches Storm in a weird looking ace-crusher. Storm gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin attempt. Storm counters Isaacs finisher…perfect Storm connects. It’s over.

Tim Storm wins by pinfall and advances in the tournament

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express surprise Aldis from behind. They don’t get physical, but frighten Aldis and begin a “Rock and Roll” chant.

That’s the show friends.