Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

Recap of last week’s epic showdown between world’s champion Nick Aldis and Ricky Starks. The match ended in a time-limit draw, with Ricky Morton asking the crowd if they wanted both men to go five more minutes. Aldis denied the offer. Later in the show Aldis set up a high-stakes six man tag for today’s show, which includes special guest…wrestling legend Scott Steiner.

A breaking news flash comes across the screen announcing that Nick Aldis’ surprise appearance at this weekend’s Ring of Honor event will be explained.

Powerrr intro. (INTO THE FIRE!!!)

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to another edition of NWA Powerrr from Atlanta. They shoot us over to the interview desk with Dave Marquez. He introduces The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express. Marquez asks Morton about potentially challenging for the world championship. “The first thing that we always done in our life…we put the fans number one,” says Morton. “You know these guys…they don’t understand. Robert and I paved the way for these guys to make millions and millions of dollars.” Morton says he was never one of those guys. He wakes up everyday and goes to work to be able to pay his bills because “that’s what’s it’s all about.” “Now Nick…I’ve told you before son….we have fought the best in the world.” He puts over that they’ve been 9 time NWA tag team champions. He tells Aldis’ team to lace them up tight, because tonight…they will take it to Strictly Business.

Commercial for NWA Hard Times PPV. The graphic says that the event is sold out.

The NWA TV Title brackett is shown. Tim Storm will face the winner of Zane Dawson versus Dave Dawson, while Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks faces an open slot.

At the interview desk… Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks are out. Dice says that Starks’ time is running out. Starks responds by calling Dice a broke ass Guy Fieri. “I’ve done a lot here okay. For starters…your mother.” Crowd pops big. “I’ve gone toe to toe with Nick Aldis…I took him to the limit. Daddy is hungry.” Dice fires back by warning Starks he better not run into each other.

Zane Dawson versus Dave Dawson NWA TV Title Tournament

Tie-up. Dave lands a kick. Zane pressures him into the corner. They trade corner lariat spots. Zane to the middle-rope…flying shoulder tackle connects. Cover…only two. Pace picks up…sharp dropkick from Dave for a nearfall. He screams… “Come on little brother!” He charges…Zane moves and Dave collides with the turnbuckles. Zane takes advantage and rocks Dave with elbows. After some taunting…Zane rips Dave’s shirts and lights up his chest with chops. Dave ducks a punch and targets Zane’s bad wrist. He applies a submission on the ropes…referee separates them…Zane rocks Dave with the cast and knocks him out. It’s over.

Zane Dawson wins by pinfall and advances to the next round

Another advertisement for Hard Times, this time with spliced in footage from the Into The Fire main event between Nick Aldis and James Storm. The formation of Strictly Business is shown.

Footage of Ken Anderson and Colt Cabana talking about their relationship is shown. Anderson questions why Cabana called him bitter, while Cabana says he tried to be a good tag partner, but has noticed a change in Anderson.

Ashley Vox is out for women’s division action. Melina is out next.

Ashley Vox versus Melina

Vox fires out of the gates with a running boot. Vox charges Melina in the corner…she gets her feet up, then hits a running axe-handle. Vox retakes control with an attack in the corner but misses a cannonball. Melina stomps her into the mat. She brings Vox into the ropes and yanks back on the head and neck. Vox attempts to build up some momentum…Melina slows her down with a roundhouse kick. Arm-twist/crescent kick combo. Vox tries for a school-boy…she loses control of Melina. Melina picks her up…back and forth striking…Melina finishes Vox off with a final-cut.

Melina wins by pinfall

Post match Galli interviews Melina. He asks what her next step is. Melina says that after Thunder Rosa disposed of ODB, and she took care of Vox, the title is next. Melina invites out champion Allysin Kay some she can let her know her plan for the next week. Kay immediately appears and is ready to throw down. Melina tells her that she better be ready next week.

Cut to footage of Nick Aldis invading Ring of Honor’s event over the weekend. He attacked Flip Gordon and Marty Scurll. At Honor Reigns Supreme…Aldis and the rest of Strictly Business called out Scurll and Villain Enterprises at the ROH commentary table. This led to Gordon and Brody King to confront Aldis, but security stopped them from colliding. Aldis says that Scurll was nowhere to be seen, and Flip Gordon was the one who confronted him. “At Hard Times Flip…it’s you and me.” Match graphic flashes…Aldis versus Gordon is official for Hard Times.

Pope, Eddie Kingston, and Homicide stand at the interview desk. Pope says that opportunity has been taken away from these two…especially when champions like Aron Stevens refuse to defend their championship. Pope calls Stevens an ass. “If you want to be great…step into the ring with these two guys and prove it.” Marquez asks Homicide if he’s cleared to wrestle…his shoulder is still taped up. Homicide is good to go. Pope then aims his attention at Eli Drake and James Storm. He says that their alliance is out of convenience…but Homicide and Kingston are together through blood. Outlaw Inc is in the ring. Stevens and Question Mark are out next. Pope remains at ringside.

Outlaw Inc versus Aron Stevens/Question Mark

Kingston and Stevens begins. Quick takedown from Kingston. He winds up for a haymaker but Stevens screams and slides to the outside. He comes back inside and Kingston levels him. Homicide tags in…double-suplex for a nearfall. Homicide bounces Stevens off the ropes, then runs through him with an elbow smash. Irish-whip and corner forearm. He goes for another one but Stevens moves and Homicide lands on his injured shoulder. Stevens immediately targets the limb. He tears away the tape and wraps him arm around the ropes. Arm-breaker with pin…Homicide just kicks out. Hammerlock is applied….Stevens gets to his feet and powerslams Homicide. Karate Kid elbow drop. Right back to the arm. Homicide nearly tags in Kingston…Stevens takes a cheap shot on Kingston. This allows Homicide to hit a back body drop. Kingston runs in…Question Mark spikes Kingston, then Spikes Homicide. Stevens crawls onto Homicide for the cover…that’ll do it.

Aron Stevens/Question Mark win by pinfall

Afterwards Pope enters the ring as Kingston attends to Homicide, who is clearly in pain. Pope doesn’t look please, and leaves Outlaw Inc in the ring on their own.

A recap of the opening video package hyping tonight’s six-man tag matchup. If Team Morton wins against Team Aldis, Morton receives a title shot. Team Aldis consists of the Wildcards and Scott Steiner…we don’t know Morton’s team other than Gibson.

Back to the studio…Strictly Business is out at the interview desk. Nick Aldis says that he was warned about the sharks in this business, which included Scott Steiner. Aldis reveals that when he met Steiner, he was nurtured and looked after. He introduces Steiner. Steiner says that the first time he saw Aldis…he knew he would be a world champion. He thanks the champ for allowing him the opportunity to beat somebody up, then calls a fan a piece of garbage. He runs down their opponents…calling them all “FAT ASSES.” They get in the ring. Robert Gibson is out first, Ricky Morton accompanies him but will not be competing. Eli Drake is the first partner. Tim Storm is the second. Here we go.

Wildcards/Scott Steiner versus Robert Gibson/Eli Drake/Tim Storm

Drake and Latimer begin. Latimer with a big right hand. He traps Drake in the corner and unloads strikes. Drake dodges a splash and hits a jumping neckbreaker. Gibson tags in…double-elbow. He puts Latimer in a headlock and connects with big right hands. Storm in next. He applies a wristlock, then takes Latimer down with a big boot/neckbreaker combo. Latimer creates separation…Isaacs comes in but runs right into Storm who sends him flying with a fallaway slam. Snapmare and boot from Storm. Cover…Isaacs kicks out. Storm brings Isaacs to his team’s corner…Quick tags from the babyfaces. Drake hits a pop-up slam. Drake lands his signature elbow drop. Distraction from Latimer allows Isaacs to whip Drake’s foot out from underneath him. Steiner finally comes in. Huge chops onto Drake. Belly-to-belly suplex. He brings Latimer right back inside. Elbow from Latimer, who then applies the cravat. Aldis cheers on his team from the interview table.

Strictly Business continues to wear Drake down. Isaacs slows down his momentum with a headlock. Fans try to rally him back…Drake battles out of the hold but Isaacs nails a huge spinning back suplex to ground him again. Steiner back in. More chops. Drake ducks a lariat…Steiner makes him pay with an overhead belly to belly. Tandem offense from Strictly Business. Latimer has a headlock in now. Eye rake. Drake counters a backdrop with a running DDT. He begins crawling to his corner…he tags in Gibson! Gibson comes in hot. he runs through Isaacs with elbows. Sunset flip for two. Sleeper hold locked in from Gibson. All six men are in the ring now. Storm and Steiner go at it. Kamille goes for a spear but hits the steel steps! Drake nails a jawbreaker….Gibson rolls Isaacs up…got em!

Robert Gibson/Eli Drake/Tim Storm win by pinfall

With that victory…Ricky Morton will receive an NWA Title opportunity! Storm, Drake, Gibson, and Morton all celebrate in the ring while Nick Aldis looks on in despair.

That’s the show friends.