As seen above, WWE Backstage analyst Paige and WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today to promote WWE's new UK TV deal with BT Sport.

Paige was also asked if women get criticized for doing something "that is seen as manly" by others. Paige agreed and they both said the women do pro wrestling at times.

"Oh, of course, yeah," Paige answered. "We've been in a male-dominated industry for years, but you know what? The women have just grown so much and I feel like when the women do go out there and do their thing, that they outshine the guys most of the time.

"A lot of the time," Stephanie added.

Paige discussed her retirement from the ring and was asked about rumors of a return to action for WWE.

"She likes to stoke the fire a bit," Stephanie said, laughing. Paige also laughed and agreed, "Yeah, I do."

"She's a marketing genius and all of our talent, not only are they incredible athletes and performers, but they're also businessmen and women, and they understand building their own brand," Stephanie said.

One of the interviewers mentioned how the careers of pro wrestlers can end very quickly.

Stephanie interrupted and said, "Like any professional athlete."

Paige was asked again if we might see her come out of retirement for another WWE match.

"Well, not for a hot minute," Paige said. "But you know, never say never, of course. You always... yeah you don't want to put any doubt underneath them, but hopefully one day."

Paige was also asked how she deals with not being able to wrestle after the sport was such a big part of her life.

"Well, the wonderful thing, too, about bring part of WWE is even though I'm not in the ring in a physical capacity, they give me the opportunity to do other stuff," Paige answered. "So, I get to be General Manager of SmackDown, or I get to manage [WWE Women's Tag Team Champions] The Kabuki Warriors. Now I'm an analyst on WWE Backstage on FOX."

Stephanie added, "And Total Divas, other reality programming..."

"And Total Divas," Paige said. "Yeah, we have everything, and we do media like this too, which is super cool."

Another host commented to Stephanie that she must feel the need to look after the wrestlers.

"Of course," Stephanie said. The woman continued and said because things can happen in the ring, and you can't just discard the talents. Stephanie added, "Absolutely, and I'm also Chief Brand Officer of WWE, not just an in-ring performer as well."

They took a few more questions and did a fun segment with gymnast Max Whitlock to end the appearance.