A video package is shown highlighting PCO winning the ROH World Championship from Rush after the usual ROH signature video package.

Highlights are shown of Rush revealing his stable to Villain Enterprises after Final Battle with that arable being called La Faccion Ingobernable with himself, Dragon Lee, Kenny King & Amy Rose.

Silas Young, Josh Woods and PJ Black are backstage. Black talks about how if he was mentoring someone, his student would beat Young’s as Brian Johnson walks by. Young challengers Black to mentor Johnson and for them to eventually have a student versus student match. Young tells Woods not to disappoint.

Dak Draper and Shaheem Ali make their entrances. 

Dak Draper vs. Shaheem Ali

They lock up. Draper backs Ali into the corner. They lock up again. Draper locks in a headlock, Ali reverses it into a headlock of his own. Draper hits an arm-drag on Ali. Ali hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb on Draper. Ali pins Draper for a two count. Ali sends Draper towards the ropes. Draper goes to the apron. Draper drives his shoulder into Ali. Draper hits a springboard back elbow from the second rope on Ali. Draper hits his Magnum KO finisher on Ali. Draper pins Ali for the win.

Winner: Dak Draper

Highlights are shown of Vincent defeating Matt Taven at Final Battle.

Highlights are shown of Brian Johnson’s teammates abandoning him at ROH Unauthorized.

Highlights are shown of Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham defeating The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) at Final Battle to win the ROH Tag Team Championships.

PJ Black is shown approaching Brian Johnson backstage. Black offers to mentor Johnson. Johnson refuses. Black tells Johnson to take a couple days and think about it.

Brian Zane reveals his Top Five Final Battle Moments with three new champions being crowned being number one, followed by Bully Ray versus Mark Haskins in a Street Fight, Villain Enterprises versus Bandido and Flamita, Maria Manic attacking Angelina Love, and Dan Maff versus Jeff Cobb.

Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff make their entrances. Marty Scurll & ROH World Champion PCO of Villain Enterprises make their entrances.

Villain Enterprises (PCO & Marty Scurll) vs. Dan Maff & Jeff Cobb

Scurll and Cobb lock up. They exchange wrist-locks. Scurll locks in a headlock on Cobb. Cobb sends Scurll to the ropes. Scurll attempts a shoulder-block, Cobb remains on his feet. Scurll attempts another shoulder-block, Cobb no-sells it again. Cobb dropkicks Scurll. Later in the match, Maff hits a Maff Cutter on Scurll. PCO breaks a pin attempt by Maff on Scurll. PCO sends Cobb out of the ring. PCO hits a Canadian Destroyer on Maff. Scurll pins Maff for a two count. PCO ascends the turnbuckles. Scurll assists PCO in hitting a Senton from off the top rope on Maff. Cobb breaks a pin attempt by Scurll on Maff. Cobb strikes Scurll.

Cobb runs towards Scurll, Scurll pulls the top rope down, sending Cobb to ringside. PCO dives over the second rope to hit a Senton on Cobb at ringside. Maff pounces Scurll. Maff inadvertently hits a Suicide Dive on Cobb. PCO sets Maff on the apron and goes to the top turnbuckle again. PCO goes for a Senton on the apron, Maff rolls out of the way. Maff strikes Scurll. Maff goes for his Burning Hammer finisher, Scurll gets out of it. Scurll rolls Maff up with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winners: Villain Enterprises (PCO & Marty Scurll)

Scurll & PCO celebrate as the show comes to a close.