A video package is shown highlighting Alex Shelley defeating Jonathan Gresham at Glory By Honor after the usual ROH signature video package.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay check in backstage. They throw to highlights.

Highlights are shown of Flip Gordon (if Villain Enterprises) defeating Rey Horus at Final Battle Fallout.

PJ Black and Brian Johnson are shown vast age. Black questions if Johnson wants to be on TV or not. Black tells Johnson to think about it.

Crowbar makes his entrance. Eli Isom of Shinobi Shadow Squad makes his entrance.

Crowbar vs. Eli Isom

Crowbar strikes Isom. Crowbar head-butts Isom. Isom hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Crowbar. Crowbar eventually kicks Isom in the head several times. Crowbar hits a Hurricanruna from off the turnbuckle on Isom. Crowbar pins Isom for a two count. Crowbar rolls Isom up for another two count. Crowbar goes for a Powerbomb, Isom gets out of it. Isom clotheslines Crowbar. Isom hits a brain-buster on Crowbar. Isom pins Crowbar for the three count.

Winner: Eli Isom

Highlights are shown of Bully Ray putting Maria Manic through a table at Final Battle Fallout before Manic could put Angelina Love of The Allure through it.

Bully Ray is shown backstage. Ray is queationed as to why he put Manic through the the table. Ray questions what building they are in, that being the ECW Arena. Ray questioned what specific thing, Maria Manic tried to do to Angelina Love in the ECW Arena. Ray talks about someone pulling out a table in the ECW Arena being fair game. Ray questions who the helm Maria Manic is to pull a table out in his house.

Chesseburger, Ryan Nova & Eli Isom of Shinobi Shaddow Squad are in the ring. Cheeseburger has a microphone. Cheeseburger talks about Isom’s victory earlier and how 2020 is going to be bigger for 3S. Cheeseburger issues an open challenge for a team to face himself and Ryan Nova. Soldiers Of Savagery (Moses & Kaun) make their entrance.

Soldiers Of Savagery (Moses & Kaun) vs. Shinobi Shaddow Squad (Cheesebuger & Ryan Nova)

Both teams brawl to start. Kaun runs towards Nova, Nova pulls the top rope down to send him to ringside. Cheeseburger dropkicks Moses. Nova hits a Suicide Dive on Kaun at ringside. Moses clubs Cheeseburger to take him to the mat. Nova eventually hits an Inverted STO on Kaun. Nova and Cheeseburger kick Kaun in the face. Moses lifts Nova and Cheeseburger off Kaun after they got a two count with a double cover. Moses hits a double clothesline on Cheeseburger and Nova. Moses hits a Senton from off the apron on Cheeseburger & Nova at ringside. Moses launches Nova into a DDT by Kaun. Kaun pins Nova for the win.

Winner: Soldiers Of Savagery (Moses & Kaun)

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay check in backstage. They hype ROH’s Saturday Night At Center Stage event.

ROH Tag Team Champion Jonathan Gresham and Alex Shelley make their entrances.

Alex Shelley vs. Jonathan Gresham

Shelley and Gresham shake hands. After a back and forth of exchanges, Shelley locks in a headlock on Gresham. Gresham sends Shelley to the ropes. Shelley hits a wrist-lock takeover on Gresham. Shelley eventually goes for Sliced Bread, Gresham pushes Shelley to the corner. Shelley gets Gresham up into a Fireman’s Carry position, Gresham gets out of it with a modified snapmare. Shelley takes Gresham to the mat with a pair of headlock takeovers. Shelley hits a third headlock takeover on Gresham. Gresham locks his leg around Shelley, with Shelley’s shoulders on the mat. Gresham hooks the leg of Shelley and pins him for the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

ROH Tag Team Champion Jay Lethal comes into the ring and celebrates Gresham’s win with him. Shelley turns Gresham around. Shelley and Gresham shake hands as the show comes to a close.