In a now deleted tweet, a fan on Twitter asked Roman Reigns about a small, black pad that’s placed on the stage during his entrance. When Reigns does his signature fist pound to the floor, he ends up hitting the pad. Reigns responded and said it was so he doesn’t break his hand.

“Nothing to explain, Nick. It’s a little piece of pad,” Reigns wrote. “So I don’t break my hand on steel grate. I gotta perform like 48 weeks a year man. So that would be stupid. It would be like [thinking emoji] head butting a door before my match level of stupid. Anyway, have a good day, Nick.”

Reigns’ “head butting a door” is an obvious reference to Goldberg’s pre-match ritual before his matches, which became a bit of an issue during his 2016-2017 run in WWE. Goldberg ended up knocking himself silly on the door before going out to a cut a promo, forgetting his lines in the process. Below is a 2017 interview where Goldberg spoke about what happened that night.

“How about when I knocked myself out on the door? Did you hear that one?” Goldberg asked. “You didn’t hear that one? I did that, I don’t know, a month ago. So, well, yeah, man. My way of getting ready, you know me, man. They knock on my door, I pour water on my head, so I don’t catch on fire from the sparks, and I headbutt the door. I’m a neanderthal. That’s what I do, right?

“And I’m walking to the ring, and I go through Gorilla, and then, I get in the ring, man, and I literally forgot every single thing that I was supposed to say and the cameraman throws me a towel. And I’m like, ‘What is this towel for?’ I mean, I know I sweat a lot, but I’ve got blood dripping down my forehead and I had no idea, man.”

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