WWE superstar Rusev recently took a break from his busy schedule to speak with Reeltalker.com about his ongoing storyline with Lana, Liv Morgan, and Bobby Lashley. The dramatic and tumultuous love story that has unfolded is challenging everyone involved to bring out their best acting chops for the WWE Universe, and Rusev says that Vince McMahon has been complimentary about his performances.

“Vince pulled me aside and told me this is a great acting performance. I’ve never been complimented on my acting before that,” Rusev said.

Rusev also mentioned how after his shoulder surgery and while on hiatus in 2017, he felt as though his character wasn’t going anywhere in the storylines. This inspired him to change his look, cut off his hair, and return with the intention to stay relevant.

“I don’t know why I cut it, I got so tired of it. Back before I cut it, I feel like nothing was going on in WWE [with my character] I was going out for shoulder surgery. So you know what? I got tired of it,” Rusev explained.

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