Impact Wrestling hasn't shied away from intergender matches as evident by the Sami Callihan-Tessa Blanchard feud. Callihan, who will defend the Impact World Championship against Blanchard at Hard To Kill this Sunday, discussed their chemistry when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"The clip of me and Tessa fighting on the streets got 4.2 million views and that's why we're gonna main event another PPV and probably have another Match of the Year candidate. I'm gonna retain my Impact World Championship and go onto the next person because I'm gonna go down as the top Impact World Champion of all-time," stated Callihan.

He has wrestled Blanchard before but this will be the first time the Impact World Title is on the line. Callihan was asked if this upcoming match feels any different now that he's defending the title.

"Every time I've wrestled Tessa I've beaten her. What makes you think it's gonna be any different this time? It doesn't change anything and it would mean the same thing if I was wrestling Brian Cage, Michael Elgin or anyone on the Impact roster or anyone around the world for any company," said Callihan who discussed why he considers himself the hero in his feud with Blanchard.

"Everyone wants equality in 2020 and I was the first person to give it to them. I was the first to look at a woman as an actual competitor and an equal. Also, I feel more people have stuff in common with me than they do Tessa Blanchard who is just another millennial brat who's been able to do whatever she wants. She hasn't had to bust her ass for anything. She's been handed everything since day one for every company she's walked into. Now she's been wrestling for 5-6 years at most and she thinks she's on the same level as me."

Callihan has a tendency to bring out the best in his opponents through the use of violence. He talked about bringing out this more hostile version of Blanchard.

"I think I 100 percent have brought out a more aggressive side of Tessa Blanchard. Anyone I step in the ring with, they change after wrestling me," stated Callihan. "I'm one of the most intense pro wrestlers walking the planet and to be able to go toe-to-toe with me, you've gotta match my intensity or I'm gonna eat you up."

He added that he wants to wrestle Eddie Edwards again as the two of them didn't get the blow-off they deserved and they can make magic together.

Those who oppose intergender wrestling say that Tessa Blanchard vying for the Impact World Title and not the Knockouts Title takes away from the latter. Callihan hit back at that notion and explained why.

"I don't think it takes anything away from anyone. Is that saying the X-Division champion takes away from the world champion or vice versa? It's just another division. It's the same thing with UFC where if someone wants to drop weight, gain weight it's just a different division they're entering themselves into," said Callihan.

While male vs. female matches has traditionally been coined "intergender" matches, Callihan discussed why he doesn't like that term.

"I'm sick of the term intergender wrestling because at this point it should just be professional wrestling," said Callihan. "I've said this in every interview I've done in the last six months. The term intergender wrestling isn't something we need in 2020 as everyone needs to be looked at as equals. Male or female whatever you consider yourself, you need to be considered just a professional wrestler because professional wrestling is supposed to be for everyone, correct?"

Sami will defend his Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship against Tessa Blanchard this Sunday at Impact Wrestling's Hard To Kill. For more information and tickets please visit

Callihan's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of Wednesday's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Callihan discusses his run so far as Impact World Champion, defending his title against Tessa Blanchard at Hard To Kill, why he doesn't like the phrase "intergender wrestling", bringing the best out of his opponents through violence, wanting another match with Eddie Edwards and more.

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