As noted before, John Cena was joined by Cathy Kelley, Seth Rollins and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch for the green carpet premiere of the new “Dolittle” movie this past Saturday. Cena voices the character of a polar bear in the movie, and you can see video from the premiere above.

Cena’s girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh was also in attendance to support her man at the premiere. Rollins spoke to US Magazine about Cena’s first relationship since the 2018 split with Nikki Bella.

“[John and Shay] look incredible together,” Rollins said of the couple. He added of Cena, “I have not seen him this happy in a long time. So that’s really cool.”

Cena and Shariatzadeh were first spotted together in March 2019, which was 8 months after the split from then-fiancée Nikki. As seen in the photos below, Cena shared a kiss with Shariatzadeh, who works as an electrical engineer and project manager, on the green carpet last weekend.

Rollins also talked about his own fiancée, The Man, and said they are in “no rush” to tie the knot. Rollins and Lynch, who were engaged to be married last year, also explained why they likely will not just elope.

“We have two mothers, one being an Irish mommy that would probably kill me,” Lynch said. Rollins added, “The other one being a Midwestern mommy that would also not be pleased. Yeah, we’ll end up having a wedding at some point. Getting around to planning it is quite a task, though!”

Lynch also revealed how Cena is a big fan of their relationship.

“He [Cena] always just said how happy he was to see us happy and be good to each other,” Lynch said.

Rollins emphasized how important it is to “take time to be good to each other and appreciate each other,” and added, “Because it’s tough to work together and, you know, we’re always on the road together, and this business is full of stress. So I think [John] just wants us to be happy for each other and take the time to appreciate it!”

The Man also told US that there “will be babies” in their future, but they’re in no rush to start a family.

“How about 20 of them?” Becky quipped about babies. “I’m just kidding! Again, yeah, there’s no rush, and we’ve got things to do.”

Rollins added, “It’s her body, her thing, you know? She’s got to be the one to take the nine months to herself, or longer. So I’m on her clock for that one.”

Below are a few more photos from the premiere, courtesy of US: