Shane Taylor Talks If There's A Lack Of Heavyweights In Wrestling Today

ROH star Shane Taylor spoke with Solowrestling about is today's wrestling has fewer big men, teaming with Keith Lee in Ring of Honor, and Lee eventually signing with WWE.

In the 80s and 90s, sometimes just being big was all that was required to be a pro wrestler, but today's landscape has expanded, allowing smaller, more agile athletes to find big success in the business. Taylor noted things have changed, but the main draw will still be the Heavyweight Champion.


"They are not missing, because you have great men who are amazing in what they do?me, Keith Lee, Erik and Ivar from WWE, and the list goes on," Taylor said. "They are all big athletic, strong men ... now I think it's normal, in other sports we have seen the same transition, the fans want things faster ... the attention is less and they want, fast, fast, fast. Whether football, basketball, etc. People change the game to be fast. In wrestling, as in other sports, the biggest draw or presentation will always be Heavyweight Champion. Earn so much attention and prestige that you can never go far from that. For people like me, I think you have to prove that it's still true every night."

NXT star Keith Lee worked in ROH (2016-2017) and teamed up with Taylor during his run there. The former ROH World TV Champion said his main goal with Lee was to "break expectations."


"It was great, when Keith and I joined our goal was to break expectations of having to look in a way to make money," Taylor said. "Not everyone is blonde with blue eyes. Unfortunately, it is believed to be the only way you can make money. Our goal was to prove that you can look like us and not only entertain, but do a great job, be able not only to make money but to be the franchise of any company."

Lee moved on from ROH, wrestling for EVOLVE and then heading to NXT in 2018. Taylor was happy to see that they've had success in not just one, but multiple promotions.

"It was a move for him and his family and worked very well," Taylor stated. "He is very successful, he is happy, I wish him the best, and again, when we talked about what we wanted to do, our goal was to have careers, work and success. It would have been great to have done it in the same company, but having done it in two different promotions and being able to dominate as we have done it is more special."