Shelton Benjamin On Career Anniversary, Alexa Bliss (Video), Rusev's Message To Internet Trolls

- The video above is the newest Canvas 2 Canvas from artist Rob Schamberger. The subject of the artwork is Alexa Bliss.

- Rusev had a message to internet trolls.

He tweeted earlier tonight, "I don't understand the HATE it's coming. My name is Miro, I'm not in a storyline. I am speaking as a human being. Please don't make this about WRESTLING."


He also responded to a now-deleted message, "If I wasn't obligated to WWE OR GOD I would have said lots of things that you wouldn't like. I'm taking the higher road as hard as it is."

- Shelton Benjamin posted on Instagram that on January 10th will be his career anniversary.

He wrote, "My career hits its 20 year anniversary in just five days (Jan 10th) I honestly did not expect to have made it this far. I originally was thinking 3 years tops. That in mind, Enjoy some of my favorite pics from over the years. these classics are from the early days in @ovwrestling I'll even throw in some never before seen pics with some familiar face."