As noted over the weekend at this link, former WWE Tag Team Champion Sylvain Grenier has returned to work for the company as a Producer backstage. Grenier recently told TVA Sports in Montreal that he visited WWE when they were in Montreal last April, to get some photos from Kevin Dunn for his new TV show in Canada. Dunn mentioned that the company was looking for new agents, and that led to Grenier being invited to the SmackDown FOX premiere in Los Angeles on October 4. Grenier, who recently had a child, was re-hired after a few talks with the company. He started training for the new behind-the-scenes role at last Monday’s RAW in Lexington, Kentucky.

Above is new backstage video of Grenier talking to the WWE camera while backstage at this week’s RAW from the INTRUST Arena in Wichita, Kansas. Grenier was asked how it feels to be back with WWE.

“It’s nerve-racking, but exciting in the same time,” Grenier said. “It’s a long time coming, but I’m back. I’m very, very pleased.”

Grenier talked about his new behind-the-scenes role and how the company has changed since he was released in August of 2007.

“I’m going to help the new kids around the block, and some veterans,” Grenier said. “But I have a lot to learn again. It’s a new job, it’s a new way, it’s a new vision, it’s a new reality. You guys [WWE Digital] weren’t here, we didn’t need you, now we do. So, it’s a new aspect. So, I’m thrilled, very thrilled.”

Grenier was asked about who sticks out on the current WWE roster, and who he looks forward to helping out. He named new RAW Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy, and also said he likes the WWE tag team division.

“Well, there’s so many, so many good… great future talent,” Grenier said. “And I love the NXT. I see a lot of SmackDown guys. That Buddy Murphy’s got very great potential. There’s so many, but well see. I love the tag team division. I think they did great. We have a lot of characters, different personas. I’m excited about that. I was a couple-time World Tag Team Champions, so maybe I can put a little input.”

The former La Résistance member also did not rule out a return to the ring, but it seems unlikely. After leaving WWE, Grenier did French commentary for TNA with current ROH World Champion PCO. The two ended up feuding on TV and ending the feud in a live event match, which PCO won. Grenier left TNA in 2009 and has rarely worked the indies over the years.

“Never say never,” Grenier said when asked if his boots are officially hanging up with the new role, or if we can expect to see him return to a WWE ring. “But my boots are being really dusty, and hanging for a while. So, but never say never.”